Perphone when Beauty meets Tech!

When it comes to carrying around a makeup bag during the day, I think I am pretty good with narrowing down to the bare essentials: lip balm, lipstick, powder, eye pencil. If I’m going out in the evening, then I’ll have a small eyeshadow compact and maybe my blusher too. The one thing I do always regret not carrying or I don’t have a sample or travel-size option just hanging around is perfume! I mean who wants to actually break a full size bottle of Jo Malone or worse lose one!? So with no other option, walking to the nearest department store for a quick spritz can often be the only sensible choice around (yes I know we all do it). That is until I discovered Perphone! Broken down: per (perfume) and phone.


Perphone is the first of its kind smart phone case with a built-in perfume spritzer. Partnered with the French brand Galimard, the phone cases come in sets for women and men with four different perfume units. Each perfume cartridge easily slots into the case and is secured at the back until you want to use it at which you slot it up, and rotate to release the spray function. Each perfume unit contains approximately 60 sprays. Galimard fragrances are quite bold scents, so not for the light and floral fragrance lovers amongst us. Therefore, one or two spritz should be more than enough on a night out to make your presence known.

Mrs J’s verdict – Perphone, you are a genius! Perfume is the one thing that I never carry. It is only recently (thanks to my Jo Malone advent calendar) that I have built up a mini collection of perfumes that I can wear and carry in my handbag. However, these won’t last forever and thus the same old problem of not having any perfume at hand will start again. Now if there’s one thing that I always check before I leave the front door is whether I am carrying my phone! So a product that tags onto the back of my phone and contains perfume, well it’s a win-win situation all around. Now I love strong, intense fragrances so Galimard, a brand that I was not familiar with, was a welcome addition. The Galimard Perphone is the perfect accessory on a night out although the one negative point that I did have was that the Perphone case  itself was quite hard to remove but maybe this was just a case of practice makes perfect. Perphone, you are really on to something here. I would love to see some of my favourite brands get involved in producing perfume cases. Hey you never know maybe one day in the future every purchase of perfume will come with an attachment for a Perphone case!

Mrs J xx

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