Perfectly Prepped with Mama Mio’s New Tummy Rub Scrub!

Being pregnant definitely makes you more aware of your skincare routine and of the products you use and the effects/reactions they can have on your skin or, even potentially, on your unborn baby. Now, I’m not saying that I’m not one to indulge in a bit of pampering as I definitely do. But what I can confess is that I’m lazy and often, time poor when it comes to actually taking the time to cream or oil myself up, head to toe. That has all changed, however, since finding out that I was pregnant. Maybe it’s the fear of stretch marks (which by the way are natural and in some cases unavoidable due to your genetics or – hey – down to this amazing thing your body is going through) or the fact that I have more nights in than out and more cash to spend on pampering myself. Having been a fan of Mio Skincare since 2015 when I first started using their Fit Skin for Life range, their Mama Mio range was the first I immediately thought of when it came to Pregnancy Skincare. Also, it was recommended by a lot of existing mums due to their ‘no nasties’ promise and that their skincare is 100% safe to use during pregnancy. One of my all-time favourite products from this range is The Tummy Rub Oil that is excellent at hydrating and moisturising the skin whilst also soothing that annoying third trimester itchy skin! Made with natural ingredients such as Organic Sacha Inchi Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E and Organic Avocado Oil which, pregnant or not, is a great oil to use on your skin!

So what’s new?

Today I’m talking about the newly launched Tummy Rub Scrub* that, like the rest of the range, is free from all nasties. This scrub is the perfect first step to your pamper routine and recommended by the Mama Mio team to be used twice a week. The scrub exfoliates and softens the skin preparing it for the phase two deep moisturisation via either the use of The Tummy Rub Butter* or the The Tummy Rub Oil*.

The Tummy Rub Scrub contains:

Pumice and Micro Volcanic Lava – to give a super even exfoliation without scratching the skin; also good for reducing the appearance of any existing imperfections.

Bamboo Stem Extract – rich in antioxidants and natural silica to give a healthy glow.

Pineapple Fruit extract fruit extract – great for gentle but effective enzyme exfoliation.

Papaya Fruit Extract – a natural exfoliating agent that accelerates the shedding of dead skin.

Organic Shea Butter – an intense moisturiser, it is packed with omegas and vitamins A, E and F.Having only just started using this Tummy scrub, its fine particles and ingredients are gentle and non- irritating on the skin yet surprisingly soothing that now, on my third trimester, my tummy is feeling quite stretched and itchy. This moisturiser is the perfect start to a daily pamper routine. I’m looking forward to continue to use this scrub and see its effects into the rest of my pregnancy.

The Tummy Rub Scrub 150ml, £18 is live now on

Mrs J xx

*pr samples

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