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“Do I have red wine teeth”? This is the common question that I often hear amongst my friends. Not common with the term? Well it’s when your teeth start to look a bit off white or grey post an encounter with a very large glass of wine or two. Since the rise of the celebrity teeth whitening and oh so perfectly straight teeth, more and more people are getting obsessed with their shade of teeth. Even me! Yes, my teeth are victims of beetroot salads and glasses of red wine, but who wants to be eating a plain white food diet!? So where did myself-consciousness really start? Honestly it was when I started really getting into bright lipsticks and the constant celebrity endorsement didn’t help. Now if you’re like me, shelling £400 for some teeth whitening is not really an option (and something your dentist definitely wouldn’t approve of). Which means the only choice is to turn to the high street. Having tried whitening toothpastes before and not having really been impressed, I thought I would give the new Listerine Advance White a go especially as they have teamed up with Wild About Beauty to prove that you really can get whiter looking teeth in just two weeks that look great against that perfect lipstick shade.

So here is the science bit!

Listerine Advanced White is a powerful yet non-abrasive mouthwash that lifts stains with its whitening technology and prevents new ones from appearing. Essential oils cleanse and freshen breath and fluoride helps strengthen teeth.

Followed by the beauty tips!

To complete that accomplished bright white smile, it’s time to start focusing on those lips! Makeup artist and Wild About Beauty co-founder Kim Jacob recommends starting with applying a generous amount of lip balm. Why? Well during these winter months, we all tend to suffer from dry or dehydrated lips and dry or cracked lips really not hold colour that well. So, apply lip balm liberally and blot any excess off. Next you are ready to apply that lip shade! Works great for extended wear or for those professional makeup appliers amongst us. Starting with a matching (or as close as you can get) lip pencil will help outline the lips and stop the lipstick from bleeding from your lips. Top tip: using a lip brush will allow for more control on application and can help you layer that shade up.

Feel like taking on the Listerine two-week challenge like me? Then remember to post your two-week Listerine challenge pictures with #powerfulsmiles and tag me in your posts! Listerine Advanced White can be bought from £3.73 at boots.

Mrs J xx

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