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Eye bags! We all experience them now and then and I’m sure that we all have our different ways of getting rid of them. I’m lucky that I never really wake up with puffy eyes (unless I’m sick, extremely tired or I’ve had an allergic reaction to something). It’s more the dark under eye area that I battle with but unfortunately, due to my colouring and ethnicity, it is a common thing that Asian women get. I blame it on the lack of vitamin D, while others say it improves with a good night’s sleep. I’ve accepted that eye bags are not something that you can ever get rid of but, yes, with a good night’s sleep, a good diet/skin and a great concealer, miracles can happen. With the rise of face masks, eye masks and foot masks, there was bound to be a few new launches in something of the eye mask area. So always up for trying something new and the fact that I am currently obsessed with all things Tarte Cosmetics, I’ve been testing the Pack Your Bags 911 Undereye Rescue Patches.

pack your bags

Pack Your Bags 911 Under Eye Rescue  Patches – £21

Mrs J’s Verdict – These vegan friendly eye patches are great at de-puffing, reviving and giving the eye area some well-needed TLC. Perfect to use for a special occasion or everyday if you can afford it! These patches are also super easy to use: just clean the face and eye area and place the patches directly under the eye orbital area and leave for 10- 15 minutes. Some people may prefer to use them at night to allow the remaining serum to soak into the skin. I prefer using them during the day, as they are more effective first thing in the morning and the remaining serum works well for a pre-serum effect. Whilst my eye bags haven’t disappeared (as I need to get to bed earlier) my eye area has felt revived and conditioned. Tarte cosmetics can be bought online at or from QVC, where the whole range is not stocked but shipping charges are a lot lower.

Mrs J xx

Eye Bag Patch Tip: put the patches in the fridge for 20mins before you use them for a cooling effect!

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