The original Invisibobble gets a refresh and goes Power and Nano!

Way back in October last year, I reviewed the Invisibobble. Yes, those weird little coloured bands that I constantly wear on my wrist that everyone thinks is a travel/stress band. Nope! Sorry, but in fact it’s just a revolutionary hair tool! If you’re not the invisible convert then you will be thinking it’s a hair band—how different can they all really be? Well news flash: along with different thicknesses, colours, material, etc…you have to consider if your hair will break, get caught, or worse, end up with a massive dent in it when you untie it. Most hair bands really can’t counter effect all three of the mentioned issues. We had the elastic hair ties that were all the craze and yes, I bought them too! But after a while, they lost their shape and didn’t really hold your hair as well as they should. So we come back to the hero, Invisibobble (you can get a little refresh here).

The Invisibobble is kind to your hair and lets you say goodbye to those annoying kinks. They are also great for the up do and for holding buns in place. It comes with a range of colours and if you want to hide that you are wearing an Invisibobble, then it’s really not hard to do so for there is the clear, transparent band.

The new core permanent original range has been refreshed with current all-star colours and new favourites: True Black (black), Something Blue (blue), To Be or Nude To Be (cream/nude shade), Crystal Clear (transparent), Pinking of You (pink), Mint to Be (light Green), and Royal Pearl (pearl).

Thick hair? Well then let me introduce you to Power, the newest addition to the Invisibobble family that is great for people who have thick hair. It also works well as a second band to hold a bun in place, for when working out at the gym (without giving you a headache from scraping your hair away too tightly from your head).

Then finally we have the new Nano band. Exactly the same as the original Invisibobble and the Power but in a tiny form! Great for holding smaller hair sections, the end of hair plaits, or fine hair. For you parents out there whose kids hate having their hair tied up, the Nano or the original Invisiboble make a great option for no more tears!
Invisibobble is available online at Boots from £2.95 and at other selected stockists.

What’s your favourite Invisibobble*?

Mrs J xx

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