Veeda Feminine Hygiene is it time to go Organic?

There are many health/life choices that we make on a daily basis, the most common being that of what we put in our mouth and eat. More and more people are going organic when it comes to their food consumption. This ongoing trend and heightened awareness of what is going into the products and goods that we consume has moved over into beauty products as well. What was maybe seen as a hippie fad before has evoked a movement in large corporate beauty brands, changing and developing products that are both kinder to the environment and to the skin. Now I’m all over the organic skincare but why does it have to stop there? What about our nether regions or lady bits? Surely they should get a look in there as well! After all, it’s one of the most sensitive areas on a female body, prone to irritation and bacterial infection if not taken care of rightly. Now before we go any further as I’m about to go into the whole periods bit, if this is too squeamish for you, my apologies…and maybe you can stop here and have a little read of some of my other posts from my archive!


Now for those of you that are still reading…back to the topic in hand – periods! As women, we all have them. As painful, irritating and annoying as they can be, they are there to let us know that everything is functioning as they should be and give us the ability to have a family should we want to. The standard form of catching the flow in the western world is via a sanitary towel or tampon. I, and likely the majority of the female population, take for granted that we have such products at our disposal. But then, come to think of it, when was the last time that you really looked into what was in some of these products? Surprising, even to me, that a lot of standard brands – yes, those with all those fancy patterns, scents and super thin packaging – contain chemicals, synthetics and dyes (basically loads of nasties). All these are exposed to your bodies during use and can cause a multitude of issues, for example skin irritations, rashes, infections etc. So the next time you feel a little uncomfortable down there, take a look at the products that you are using. I’m not saying we all need to turn into Gwyneth Paltrow and steam our bits but sometimes issues can be resolved just by a simple change in sanitary wear. And yes, the answer may be to go organic! I’ve been testing out some of the Veeda* range; pads that are made from only 100% cotton (free of wood pulp, fragrances or surfactants) and tampons that are also made from 100% cotton. These products are free from blends of bleached cotton and or synthetic products that can contain dioxins from the bleaching process, pesticide and herbicide residues. At £1.98 for pads and £1.85 for tampons (with no synthetics, chemicals or dyes) clearly, going organic doesn’t have to be expensive. So what’s my verdict? Well in all honesty and actual product-wise, it did what it said on the packet as do all other brands. Comfort and priced at just under £2 all in all there is no reason why I will not continue to use Veeda and I know that it contains no nasties.

Mrs J xx

*pr sample

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“Veeda Feminine Hygiene is it time to go Organic?”