OMG Lashes by Bobbi Brown

Rifling through my emails and reading all the new beauty press releases, it seems that January is THE month focused on mascaras. Whether you want longer, thicker, maximum volume, false effect, or even coloured lashes, there is an option out there for you. Which poses the question you might be asking yourself: “Which mascara should I use/buy”? Well that is entirely dependent on what look you are going for and, of course, what your budget is. I personally have a few mascaras that I have on the go. One for my everyday look, one for my makeup bag, and that OMG one for special occasions!

Today I’m going to talk about a new OMG one. Yes, the newly, just-launched eye opening mascara by Bobbi Brown, said to be her most dramatic formula for lashes yet. This eye opening formula has a rich and jet black colouring that with careful application magnifies each lash from root to tip. If like me on a night out, you can’t be hassled with false lashes and want to create that false lash effect look then Bobbi Brown is your girl.



The magic is all in the wand as they say. With what can only be described as a childlike jumbo crayon, the wand is larger than your usual mascara size allowing for an easy application to the lashes that thickens and lengthens in one swoop. I often see YouTube videos of beauty bloggers applying their mascara and see coats and coats of mascara being layered on to give a full look. Honestly, who has the time to do that? With the Bobbi Brown eye opening mascara, you won’t need any more than a few swipes to create that desired effect.

Mrs J’s verdict – Bobbi Brown has always been that trustworthy brand for me, one that I knew would stock the correct shade for my skin tone when some other brand ranges don’t stretch that far. The bronzed eyeshadow bricks, the chunky packaged concealer – all a massive hit for me. With the Bobbi Brown mascara that I had never tried before, I had no doubt that it wouldn’t do what it said on the packaging, but I questioned whether it was going to be good enough for that OMG spot. So starting with the packaging, I like its simplistic black and white look. Next, the wand and yes, true to its description, the enhanced applicator is easy to hold and control and the slight flexibility of the brush head moves easily with some pressure applied to the lashes. Usually a large brush can be a bit of a pain to apply to the bottom lashes. But, as we had a non-clumpy formula here, using the wand after application to the top lashes meant that there weren’t a whole lot of panda eyes going on later. GO Bobbi Brown!

If you feel like having your own OMG Eye Opening Mascara for £23 then click here.

Mrs J xx

p.s. next week ….. it’s time to pay attention to our brows!

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