Oliver Bonas Christmas Preview

I’m the kind of person that loves to shop and give cards and gifts for every occasion. Whilst this can become quite an expensive affair, it can also become a logistic nightmare. In cases like this it’s best to have that one go-to brand or shop that can fulfil all your shopping needs and save your partner from moaning being dragged around 5 shops.

And that store folks is Oliver Bonas!

So when you combine two of my greatest loves, Christmas and Oliver Bonas, what do you get? The Oliver Bonas Christmas Press Day! Now I do have to confess that I actually attended this event in July. At the time, it seemed way too early to be mentally making up my wish list and dribbling over some luscious mince pies, but in the world of fashion and retail, Christmas really does start in July. Below is a sneak peek at some of the range that will be launching in store and online from September onwards.


Gorgeous oversized and tailored new coats and cosy Knits.

oliver 5

Classic tops, skirts and dresses that can be worn during the day and jazzed up with some chunky accessories to take you straight to the work Christmas party!



Fun purses, pouches, cardholders and gloves, that are great little sticking filler or secret Santa presents.



If you’re hosting Christmas this year, why not wow your guests with a tropical theme and get out some pineapple accessories!


Or maybe invest in a stylish copper base jug and wine glasses (take note Mr J).







The new beauty own brand range for the beauty lover.


Or my favourite Christmas crackers with a gift that you actually want and can use vs the little plastic toy rubbish that usually can be found in a Christmas cracker. For the past few years I have been making my own luxury Christmas crackers so Oliver Bonas, thank you for saving me some time!


With Christmas being the time of giving, it was nice to hear that this year, Oliver Bonas has teamed up with Innocent Smoothies to take part in the ‘Big Knit’ campaign. How? Well Oliver Bonas created life-size (okay adult and little people versions) of their favourite designs. A donation from each of their big knits will be made to the charity Age UK (£5 from adult hat and £3 from kid hat). I can’t wait to get my hands on that pom pom! The big knit hats will be available in store from early October.


To shops the Oliver Bonas site click here.

To shop the Oliver Bonas Christmas collection click here

Mrs J xx

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