Oils of Life… have you found yours?

If I presented you with the question – Have you found the Oils of Life? You are likely to say Olive Oil (if you’re a food lover) or Vitamin E oil and Coconut Oil (if you are into your beauty products).

So who’s right the foodie or the beauty addict? Neither!  In fact the new Oils of Life are ingredients that we would never imagine could bring such benefits to our skin that I learnt on a lovely evening hosted by The Body Shop.



The Body Shop’s new Oils Of life range include precious seed oils harvested from around the world.  Making seed oils is one of the most concentrated food source that creates essential oils, which is why at The Body Shop these Oils of Life seed oils are cold pressed to their pure form to provide the highest form of their pure properties.

So what exactly are these miracle seed oils?

The Seeds in quesiton are the Black Cumin Seed Oil from the Nile Valley, Camellia Seed Oil from the Evergreen Trees in China and Rosehip Seed Oil from Chile.

Black Cumin Seed Oil – when I think of cumin I think of Indian food, it’s used in nearly every form of a curry base and can often be used in natural medicinal homemade potions to help cure things like the common cold.  The Body Shop are using it in their oils for its known antioxidant properties, which are great for providing nutrients to the skin.

Camellia Seed Oil (one that I have never heard of before) is naturally rich in Oleic acid for that good Omega goodness!

How do you use the Oils of Life?

Well here’s how in a easy four step process. After cleansing your face of any make up and dirt, gently shake the Essence lotion, mixing the oily mixture and using it on a cotton pad to sweep over your face.  This is step one and is set to activate and protecting the skin ready for step two. Then next comes the hero product from the range the Facial Oil.  Take the pipette and drop a few drop into the palms of your clean hands, rub your palms together to heat up the oil then apply in circular motions all over the face and neck area. The next step is not compulsory but is an easy way to give your face a massage, and improve your skin tone, circulation, and reduce puffiness and wrinkles! Then finally onto the last step moisturise! The Body Shop have created to moisturising creams in this collection one for extreme hydration and suitable for very dry skin the Intensley Moisturising Cream, and a lighter version the Intensly Moisturising Gel Cream. Note: the facial Oil can be used during the day as well.  I use just a small drop before I moisturise to keep my skin hydrated without the very oily base.

What the experts say: “Concentrated inside each seed is the power to fuel new life.  The natural powerhouses provide fundamental nutrients from antioxidants to vitamins. The carefully balanced blend of Black Cumin, Rosehip and Camellia seed oils is a powerful potent formula.  Induvidually, each one of these precious seed oils is a skin saviour and blended together, they provide nutrition for the skin, resulting in radiance.” Jennifer Hirsch, Beauty Botanist for The Body Shop.

Mrs J’s verdict

I am in love with The Oils of Life and over the moon that finally there is a brand that has created a well thought after range, for older or mature skin without the anti-aging tag attached to it!  People like me who are 30 plus don’t want to look ten years younger (well some might), most are comfortable in their skin, knows what works for them and want to take care of their skin to delay the signs of aging.  Me personally I belivwe that it doesn’t matter what age you are or what condition you rskin is in there is always a solution out there for you.  The essence lotion an the facial oil are my favourites. The essence lotion looks like a cross between a miceller water and toner.  Historically ive always stayed away from toners as I don’t like the feeling or the residue that they leave on my skin, however the essence lotion had the opposite effect, cleansing any remaining dirt away and leaving my skin feeling super soft and prepped.  Then we get to the facial oil, and oh how I do love  good facial oil! After a summer of fun in the sun, and a lot of rich wedding food.  My skin is thanking my current detox and Oils of life skin routine, I’m even having fun testing out the facial massage tool with the facial massage dance! Go on have a go you know you want to!

The Oils of Life range start from £15 and can be bought via The Body Shop – here.

Mrs J xx

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