Oh K! Fruit Enriched Peeling Foot Mask review.

Everywhere you look, someone is raving about Korean beauty! And now I’m about to turn into one of those people. With cute packaging and eye-catching colours, it’s hard not to pick something up although after looking at the price tag of a few items, I quickly put them back down as quickly as I picked them up. Oliver Bonas is one of my favourite high street shops and on one of my regular browsing sessions, I came across this Oh K! Fruit Enriched Peeling Foot Mask. Intrigued? Keep on reading…. So I’ve tried foot masks before from Sephora and at a salon where you put your feet into some serum-infused paper booties with a paraffin wax treatment. Both sound luxurious and are great if you have the cash to splash but, neither are a permanent solution for dry or hard skin. Only regular home care supported by regular pedicures, in my opinion, can maintain baby-soft feet. Now I’ve read about peeling foot masks and I can’t say that I am convinced that they can do a great job as sitting in a pedicure chair, and if they do work well. As I’m not shy of testing new things and it’s also winter and these feet can be firmly locked away in my winter boots (please if you’re reading this, remind me not to book any bare foot yoga classes in the next week), it’s time to test this Peeling Foot Mask out!

Initial thoughts: The packaging is cute and the instructions are pretty straight forward. Wash your feet so they are clean, dry them and open one of the booties, pour in the solution, place your foot into it and tie at the top. Repeat with the other foot and leave for 1.15 hours. Now the instructions didn’t say that you couldn’t move around and looking back, I should have just watched TV or read a book as the feeling of constant wet sloshing around your feet is not great. I was also worried that the solution should have only been towards the bottom of my feet and now with my constant movement it was all over the top of them too! I only lasted with the booties on for an hour, only because my car had gone off for a service and opening my front door in my home clothes, face mask and special booties would have made me look CRAZY! After taking the booties off and washing and drying my feet, they did both seem hydrated but nothing more than that. There was no soft miracle feeling. The instructions say that something should start happening within 4-6 days where when it does, I should allow the skin to peel naturally and not do so forcibly! Now I did think about inserting some foot pictures… but let’s see how we go!

Day one, post-peel foot mask – Nothing really to report here today. Feet look the same, in fact they probably need a bit of cream! Not sure that this mask was worth the £8 spend!

Day two, post-peel foot mask – Feet feel like they are more hydrated, but again no shedding as yet!

Day three, post-peel foot mask – Nothing to report today; feet still look exactly the same as they did post mask.

Day four, post- peel foot mask – Starting to feel a bit cheated out of my well-earned cash now. Feet again still look the same, something looks like it might be happening on the heel but no sign of actual foot peel. Could this be down to the fact that I only wore the booties for one hour?

Day five, post-peel foot mask – Got back home after being out all day from 7am, and my feet have been enclosed in tights for that whole period. Quite dreading taking them off….. and surprise! The peeling has started but not in a gross kind of way.

Day six, post-peel foot mask – Feet are definitely shedding off dead skin. The rubbing effect of socks and shoes is making this happen naturally. Not a pretty sight so making a mental note not to book into any Pilates classes for the next week or so!

Mrs J’s Verdict – Okay, so I really want to love this foot mask but I’m not quite there yet. I like it and will definitely be repurchasing it as I feel I need to give this another go and keep my feet still in the solution for the whole 1.5 hours versus the one that I managed. My feet are near enough to baby soft, with remaining natural hard bits that you get from pressure points on your feet and the feeling has long lasted with my feet looking more hydrated than they would post a normal pedicure. I would say that if you have the time and don’t mind the actual foot-peeling function, then this is a great solution to achieving actual baby feet. If time is an issue and you want instant results, then go for a deluxe pedicure instead. And hey, at least you get your toe nails painted that way as well! Note: probably not best to attempt a peeling foot mask in high summer unless you want to be walking around in enclosed footwear in the heat! I picked up my Peeling Foot Mask from Oliver Bonas for £8.

Mrs J xx

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