Oh, it’s just a bit of seasonal dandruff!

As soon as that flakey scalp appears and the itching starts (oh, how satisfying is it to scratch that itch that is, until that intense panic moment kicks in), head on over to your enlarged mirror to inspect closer and then further freak out – OMG I’ve got nits! (Head lice for those that don’t know.) The following few minutes pass by with the thoughts: What am I going to tell work…I can’t tell them the truth! Google will help me (frantically searching images of lice). Of course it’s NOT lice! Me getting head lice is practically impossible. It is however something potentially worse – dandruff! Okay, dandruff is not bad at all, it’s perfectly normal, however, not something that you expect to start suffering from in your mid 30’s.

So what is dandruff?

A dry skin condition that causes the scalp to feel itchy.

What are the causes?

There can be many factors such as an allergy to something, a skin condition, stress, change in weather, etc. In my case, I can put it down to seasonal change. As soon as the weather became cooler last year, I had a few days of dry, itchy scalp and again earlier this year.

What’s the solution?

Well, I’m no doctor but here are my quick and easy solutions that have eliminated my dry scalp away in a few days. Swapping your regular shampoo to something like TGel (one bottle should be enough) or a brand such as Head and Shoulders.  Abandoning all styling products and heat appliances is probably a wise option at this stage or if you really can’t go without then avoid contact with the scalp area where possible.  Being that my dry scalp was due to the seasonal weather change, I found that massaging Sister and Co Coconut Oil into my scalp and leaving it in overnight soothed the scalp. There are many scalp products out there on the market to suit different skin types and preferences.  Here are a few other brands that you may want to test out: Weleda, Green People and Philip Kinglsey.


Please note I’m not medical expert if you need further advice please seek help from a medical professional, or refer to the NHS website here.

Mrs J xx

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