New Year, new you – are you falling for that cliché too?

And I’m back! Happy New Year to all and whoever may be reading this. It’s a New Year and a New Me! Haha…I can almost hear you nearly choke on your tea! Such a cliché right! Yes, it’s a new year, but not so dissimilar to the previous year (minus the fact that it’s 2017 not 2016) and well, as much as I would have like to have morphed into Beyoncé or Jessica Alba, it really is the same old me.

When this post goes live, we will be about just over a week into the dark, grey and dry January. I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve been bombarded with Ads from every angle about that new me. From everything I read, see or watch; and quite frankly, I’m a bit tired of it all. Usually I’m the first to be that cliché person and fall into the January the 1st trap. Yes, I’m talking signing back up to the gym, buying those ridiculously expensive sweaty Betty leggings along with the new top, socks and trainers that complete the outfit. Going on a ‘detox’ – getting back on juicing diet – and planning rewards that I treat myself to before even getting to my goal! Not only does this approach get totally out of control on the saving money front, but I just set myself up for a fall. So this year, I’ve taken a slightly different route (or what I would like to think of as an adult approach, says the girl in her 30’s) and there is no plan, just a case of using what I already have in front of me!

For the New Year:

Beauty/Fashion Admin – It doesn’t need to be Spring to clear out those cupboards. As we are fully in our winter gear, now is the time to sort through that Summer stuff that you just didn’t wear this year. Not that many people look through their makeup bags or bathroom cabinets but these products, just like food, have an expiry date. Start with the clumpy mascaras and perfumed body cream that usually loses its scent after one year. I found my first ever Mac makeup palette on my clearout!

Life Admin – This is a bit of a bore but filing needs to be done. It’s also a good opportunity to note in the diary when big payments are going out or when renewals such as car/travel insurances expire so you have time to do your research and save a few pennies.

For the New Me:

Dust off that gym membership – Yes, I have a gym membership, one that I signed up for annually. It’s not the flashiest of places but it does the job; the only issue being that I’m not very good at getting to it. Trying to go after work never happens as I’m too tired, so being an early riser the plan is to go in the mornings before work (as the doors open), therefore there is no fighting for machines and I would have done my bit for the day. I’ll probably be falling asleep at my desk by 10am but hey, at least I can sit down.

My Net Diary Calorie Tracking App – Not a new invention here but a great way to monitor what you’re eating post the Christmas binge period. It’s certainly helped me stay away from those leftover Ferrerio Roche and Lindt balls.

Walking – Now don’t read this and think that I don’t walk. I do! Yes, I take the odd cheeky bus to the station in the mornings when I could walk but, generally, these two feet pound a lot of ground especially when I’m dog walking. During the day though, that’s another issue. So, I’ve occupied an adjustable standing up desk which means that I’m not sitting down all day and it’s also a great way at setting myself little work task goals to complete before I can take a seat. Failing that, a lunchtime stroll while listening to a podcast is a great way for a bit of me time.

Dry Jan? – I’ve taken part in dry January in previous years and whilst it’s for an amazing cause and really good for you, I didn’t want to make that big announcement and then beat myself up for having the odd drink. For me personally, denying myself of that glass of red wine will make me want to have it more, where as in most cases if I have the choice, I won’t want it. We have a full wine rack at home and so far, I haven’t been near it. I’ve swapped my glass of red wine for a homemade mug of Tumeric Latte.

Living the Hygge way – Okay, so I’m all over the #hygge lifestyle? Still not come across this word? Pronounced “hue-gah”, this is the Danish word and way of life at appreciating and being aware of the everyday moments no matter how ordinary they are and making them more special. For me that means a relaxing bubble bath, a scented candle and a copy of Grazia magazine, or wrapping myself in my cosy Anthropologie throw and getting comfy on the sofa with Mr J, the dog or a book.

Mrs J xx

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