New The Smoky Poppy Collection Preview!

 Pinch, punch it’s the first day of the month!

With January (or dull depressing January to some) neatly tucked away for another year we can all concentrate on February – the month of Love and Happiness! (or so I’ve renamed it to be) and not just because St Valentines Day is coming up!  So if your looking for something sexy, seductive and hot of the shelves then ….Mrs Jonas Recommends the Smoky Poppy range.

Smoky Poppy 1

When I think of a Poppy I think of Remembrance day.  A Poppy means different things for different people but over the years it not only represents memories, but love.  Therefore The Body Shop choosing the Poppy to be their iconic flower for their new range seemed a perfect fit, especially the name Smoky Poppy.  Produced from hand harvested poppies from Turkey, this range embraces a bold, manly scent with a subtle floral note. With a gorgeous scent combination of spices, wood and florals this is a range full of girl power.  Having tried and tested some of the range for two weeks I have my firm favourites: The Smoky Poppy Shower gel – it’s rich, smells amazing and black in colour (a bit like squid ink) and the Smoky Poppy Body Butter – true to its body butter brothers and sisters the butter is pure hydration.  If like me you like to use a whole range in one go, shower gel, butter and Eau du toilette then don’t worry if anyone approaches you it will be to ask you “what is your perfume called? rather than “got a bit too much on today luv”.

There are seven items that create the Smoky Poppy range:

smokey poppy 1


Smoky Poppy Body Butter – £5* (*dependent on size)*

Eau Du Toilette

Smoky Poppy Eau Du Toilette – £8.50*


Smoky Poppy Body Lotion – £8*


Smoky Poppy Seed Scrub – £13


Bath Bombs


Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs – £12 (for six)*

Smokey Poppy Massage Oil


Smoky Poppy Body Massage Oil – £14

I think this range will appeal to men as well as women, even if they don’t like to admit it (as I know that Mr J has been caught twice using the Smoky Poppy Shower Gel).  If not then it’s a perfect gift for Valentines Day, Mothers Day or just any day!

The Smoky Poppy Range launches online and instore on the 3rd of February 2015.

To shop on The Body Shop’s site click here.

Mrs J xx

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“New The Smoky Poppy Collection Preview!”
  • Love the packaging, keen to have a smell! My daughters name is Poppy so I have to have this, will probably go for the scrub and the shower gel. Great review Bx

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 So lovely to see that someone is reading my posts. Let me know how you get on, I would definitely get the Body Butter too, I need to go and buy some more, Mrs J xx

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