Natura Bisse Essential Shock Intense Mask

No matter how much you cleanse, tone and cream your skin, there are always going to be good and bad skin days. Yes, having a facial is great for the skin but it’s not something that everyone can afford once or twice a month. Therefore, as an affordable way to give your skin that much needed TLC or boost, I suggest a good exfoliant followed by an equally good face mask. Recently I came across a brand called Natura Bisse (that I had never heard of). This Spanish brand that started in 1979 has been treating the skin of Spanish women for over 30 years! So clearly a well-established and well-known brand, I wanted to try it all. Instead, I settled for the Shock Intense Mask from the Essential Shock Intense Line.

The Essential Shock Intense Line is a range packed with supplements that restore essential elements required in the skin to maintain a healthy, hydrated, anti-wrinkle plumped-up glow. The mask is set to give the skin a shock or a hydration boost. Therefore, it is the perfect mask for extremely dry or dull-looking tired skin, or one to pack in your suitcase if you travel a lot as that cabin air is no good for the skin! The concussion of vitamins and pineapple in the mask nourishes, protects, as well as hydrates the skin.


Mrs J’s verdict: This mask has a ridiculously creamy texture, one that I have never seen in a mask, more in a body soufflé. It also has a very addictive smell said to be of pineapples. For me, it smelt like those banana penny sweets I used to eat as a child so as you can imagine, wearing this mask on an empty stomach is not advisable. The mask was easy to apply from the tube. Applying quite a thick layer, I left the mask on for 10 – 15 minutes. One thing to note is that this mask does not harden nor melt. So make sure you keep an eye on the time as there will be no visible change or indication when you should wash it off. I found this mask really easy and pleasurable to use. It didn’t irritate my face, it washed off easily and I could see the immediate effects on my skin. A range that I definitely won’t be overlooking the next time I’m shopping online! The Natura Bisse shock intense mask can be bought on Feel Unique for £33. To shop the Natura Bisse range, click here.

Mrs J xx

What are you favourite face masks?

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