We’ve all heard of the super green Kale taking the world by storm. Everywhere you turn this green nutritious beast of a vegetable is being baked, steamed, fried, juiced and blended into people’s diets. With benefits of being a great source of Vitamin K, A and C, it’s the perfect vegetable to have as part of a balanced diet. Not forgetting to mention that Kale contains virtually NO fat and is LOW in calories.

So how does Kale relate to nails?

Well even the beauty industry has found a way to use the Kale goodness and thus, have created NailKale. NailKale is the first superfood nail range from Nails Inc that contains extracts of kale goodness that promote stronger, smoother and healthier nails. Also with added superfood extracts of aloe vera, lemon, ginseng and many more, your nails will feel nourished, smooth and bright.

NailKale can be used as a basecoat underneath your favourite polish or on its own as an intensive treatment (two coats three times a week with no nail polish). Having tried and tested the NailKale as an intensive treatment I can confirm that my nails appear stronger and brighter. But best of all is that even with no polish, my nails are still very shiny and that is after just one week of treatment!

To try out Nails Inc’s NailKale Base Coat for £15, click here.

For NailKale best practice from our very own Alexa Chung, watch the video below!

To view the full NailKale polish range click here

Mrs J xx

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