My January saviours

And we’ve survived! Can you believe it? The toughest month of the year is actually over! We can all officially start drinking and wearing sparkles again! Most people moan about January – the weather, their bank balances and just how things would just generally be better if it was summer again! Me? Well, I can’t say that I’ve had a bad January! In fact, I can go as far as saying it was pretty amazing! I’ve got on with the usual mundanes of everyday life but on top of that I’ve seen family, caught up with some amazing friends who moved out of London, and generally caught up with a whole bunch of people with a Christmas gathering not being the reason. Oh, and one BIG thing (in case you didn’t already know), I now am a mummy to a gorgeous puppy called Walter! If you love all things puppy related then you can get your daily fix on Instagram @SirWalterHavanese. Over the next few months I thought I would add in a lifestyle series all related to my puppy journey but more importantly, how I survived the first few sleepless weeks. Now before I lose my train of thought, let’s just get straight into what my January saviours are:


Okay, last month saw a lot of cheese consumption along with an excess amount of Lindt Chocolate. Now let’s be realistic, it’s not easy to wean yourself off these luxurious and tasty snacks overnight. So when that 3pm cravings hit, I swapped my treats out for something a bit more healthy. Here are my current favourites:

Nairn’s Gluten Free biscuit bakes*, Oats Blueberry and Raspberry. These are the perfect tea time snack, made from healthy oats with the fruit providing that bit of extra sweetness. It really does hit the spot.

Nairn’s Snackers* – bite size oat snacks. These are a great alternative to a packet of crisps or if you are a savoury person, then again perfect to have at tea time.

Karma Bites* – Not heard of these? Neither have I! Karma Bites are made from popped Lotus seeds which come from the revered Lotus flower, known for its high protein, low fat and rich mineral content. These snacks that will probably replace popcorn snacking comes in four flavours: Wasabi, Himalayan Pink Salt, Peri Peri and Caramel.

Ombar* – Finally we have Ombar, the raw chocolate brand. Now you’re probably wondering how this chocolate is meant to be good for you. Well, rather than roasting the cacao beans, they are processed at a lower temperature, therefore retaining more of its natural nutrients and goodness. And as the beans have not been roasted, we get raw chocolate! I’m currently obsessing over the CoCo Mylk Ecuadorian Bar.


On the Pods – This month, I’ve switched from my usual weekly podcasts to listening to All Things Pups for obvious reasons. Each recording is short and sweet and really informative. There are a lot of different ways and advices on how to train your puppy on the internet and via books, but after listening to a few podcasts by Kaelin and putting them into practice, I definitely think they have worked!

Books – I have a tonne of books to read and a target that I’ve set myself on so I thought why not add to the pile in the form of: Self Care For The Real World by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Philips. Now I’ve not read the whole book yet just, dipped in and out of it in the latter half of January but in a nutshell, this is a wellness book that focuses on self care! So if you need a little love and tips on how to look after yourself, then better add it to your wish list. I’ll do a full review sometime later.


Where would we be without my monthly Lookfantastic beauty box? January is always the month when people start to have a bit of a clear out (prior to the actual ‘spring clean’). You know, start the new year afresh, etc. Well, I vowed not to add to my collection on beauty and skincare last year whilst I was using – and have used up – what I had and I have to say I’ve done pretty well. I’m also currently in the middle of a bit of a bathroom refresh, which has meant that the bathroom has to be cleared out. A good reason to go through those cupboards, clear out and make room for some more!

Lookfantastic Beauty Box* – This month’s box is all about beauty forward and discovering beauty tips to recharge and reset our usual routine. With six skincare/makeup items and the latest copy of Elle magazine, here’s my favourite picks from the box:  Monu Spa – Warming Ginger Bath and Body Oil – The smell of ginger warms my insides and this is great to use either by rubbing a small amount onto your hands and massaging into the body, or adding to a bath or shower.

Espa Natural Beauty Inner Calm Pink Hair and Scalp Mud – Enriched with Vitamin C rich watercress, Red clay and apricot kernals, this is suitable for all hair types but specifically dry or weak hair. This cooler weather always causes havoc to my scalp so this is a welcome treat!

Kneipp Bath Crystals Cold Season Eucalyptus* – It is the season for cold and flu and (touch wood) I’ve fought it all away so far! Any slight sign of a sniffle and I top up on my daily vitamins and whack out the Echinacea and soak in a Kneipp Bath!

Oh now how could I end this post without my new all time fave pup, Walter!

Mrs J xx

*this post contains pr samples, all opinions are my own

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