My four favourite Summer to Autumn items

It’s been awhile, in fact, it’s been exactly a month! So, apologies to any regular readers; I guess you can say that I’ve had a bit of a long holiday on the writing front.  But I’m back and just in time for Autumn – my favourite season when it doesn’t rain! But before we start delving into all things Autumn, content wise, I want to share with you four of my favourite items that I have been using through the summer months of July and August, most of which I will continue to use until I get bored or they run out!  So here we go…

First item on the list is Madeleine Shaw’s cookbook – Ready Steady Glow £9.50.  Since the beginning of July, after a two month marathon of the most amazing wedding celebrations, it was time for a bit of a detox and just a general diet overhaul.  Whilst I love summer and the whole alfresco dining vibe, this time of year can be filled with real rich fatty foods and BBQ burgers… lots and lots of burgers.  So whilst yes, we can all make sensible salad choices in life, present me with a sausage bun some tomato ketchup and a glass of fizz and, well, you’ve got me! Now back to those choices. Being that me and Mr J’s diaries can get a bit hectic, we see to it to always have breakfast together albeit there are odd breakfast meetings that intrude this routine. We also dine together most evenings. So, with breakfast and dinner in mind, I decided to go for Ready Steady Glow. In addition to positive reviews that I had read, I liked the fact that its recipes are sugar and gluten free – not that I have these allergies – and they are simple, quick and healthy.  Yup, it’s all about that glow.  Sometimes you just get into a rut and a few new recipes can really spruce up meal times.  Moreover, if you are looking for a new cookbook that is meat-free and more vegan, then I would recommend having a peek at Deliciously Ella Everyday.

Now, onto my skin and body care items.  I have been loving using all my Beauty Pie skincare products that I’ve accumulated across a three-month subscription and one of those items was the Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial. Now before I go into why I love this product, I should probably explain what Beauty Pie is.  Beauty Pie is a subscription service from as little as £10 per month, for a minimum of 3 months. You get to shop up to £100 of luxury skincare and makeup each month but only pay the factory cost! (To read more about Beauty Pie check out my previous post HERE). Fruit enzymes are great at smoothing and de-clogging congested skin which is just what this product does.  By taking a small grape size amount and rubbing it all over your face and neck area for five minutes (ten if your skin needs it), your skin feels instantly clearer, cleaner and brighter.  I tend to use this in the morning post shower, the ideal five-minute time limit for moisturising and getting ready before starting on your skincare and makeup routine. Next item for the skin is the new Aveeno Yogurt Body Wash*.  There isn’t anything groundbreaking that I can say about this item other than it is perfect for people with sensitive and extremely dry skin! Enriched with naturally active oatmeal and nutrient-rich yogurt concentrate, this body wash, followed by the daily moisturising body yogurt, deeply nourishes the skin. Great for dry skin and for dehydrated skin post sun exposure.

Our last and final product is something that I bought back in May. It has accompanied me on every wedding, hotel stay, family trip and holiday for the past four months and I’ve only just started to hit pan on the bronzer which is a devastating thought! Now, I really didn’t want to love this palette, not because I don’t like Becca Cosmetics or Chrissy Tiegan – quite the opposite! In fact, I love both of them, Chrissy in particular! (If you don’t follow her on Twitter then please do, she is HILARIOUS! and she’s married to John Legend, so another reason to love her!) So back to why I didn’t want to love this item – its cost! Let’s face it – walking into Space NK is like walking into your bank, taking all the money out and giving it away! Yes, higher end makeup is not cheap! But this palette, to my surprise, was retailing at £45 and with four pans (one bronzer, two highlighters and one blush), it was worth every penny. The shades in the palette would actually suit most skin tones unless, you really hated a pinkish blush and the highlight is everything a summer glow should emulate.  I would say that this is a palette to invest in and as it’s only limited edition, some retailers are starting to run out of it but you can get your hands on one at Space NK  and Cult Beauty

Until next time ….

Mrs J xx

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