Mrs J’s Top 5 Autumn Winter Nail Polish shades

If you love red lipstick and red nails, then this is the perfect time of year to indulge away. Autumn/ Winter always brings out the darker, deeper shades of nail polish. With so many nail trends, colours and brands on the market, it’s hard to not get slightly a bit confused. Or, if you’re like me who forget about those gorgeous shades collected on the way but now deserve to be shown off at this time of year then by all means, do so! Below are my top 5 Autumnal Nail Polish shades from my personal collection!

AW Nails
Top (Left to Right):
Spoilt Sport (Shade – Black) by Lottie London
An Affair In Red Square (Shade – Deep Red) by O.P.I
Storm (Shade – Gunmetal Grey) by Nailberry

Bottom (Left to Right):
Pamplona Purple (Shade – Deep Purple) by O.P.I
Sloane Mews (Shade – Maroon) by Nails Inc
What’s your favourite Autumn Winter nail shade?

Top Tip – If wearing a dark nail polish, always remember to apply a clear base coat first so as not to stain your natural nails.
Mrs J xx

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