Mrs J’s Advent Gift Guide Day Twenty – The Magazine Subscription

Welcome to day Twenty!  Hopefully you are all waking up with a clear head today, unlike me who had far too many Mulled wines last night with my girl friends.  Following yesterdays theme of staying away from shopping in actual shops, today’s Gift Guide is about The Magazine Subscription – the ultimate gift that keeps on giving!  With so many magazines on offer there is bound to be one out there to suit any individuals needs and hobbies.  For example, if you Grandmother is into Knitting then you could buy her the ‘Knitting’ Magazine (here) and if you father In Law is into wildlife you could buy him the BBC Wildlife magazine (here). With the rise of the use of IPads and Tablets many readers are moving away from the traditional print versions of magazines and wanting to view/read all their content on these devices. If you are unsure of what to buy as a gift then you can now get varied packages that offer a mixture of print and digital or just digital versions of magazines  If you would like some inspiration on what magazine to buy then below are a few suggestions to help you on your way.

For the News Readers


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The Week – A weekly magazine that summarises all the past weeks news from all the papers into one easy magazine. With a mixture of Global news, events, sports, people, food and gadgets etc there is something in The Week for everyone.  Starting from £29.99, to buy your subscription to The Week click here.


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The Economist – A publication that brings together all the important topics going in on the world in one place.  Having subscribed to the Economist previously I would say that if your are a person that is really into facts and detail then this is for you.  If you are one  prefer more of a top line over view of the news then The Week will be better suited for your needs.  To Subscribe to The Economist click here.

For the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Readers


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Glamour Magazine – Is a women’s magazine full of the latest celeb news, fashion and beauty tips. To Subscribe to Glamour from as little as £1 per month click here.


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Vogue – The universally aclaimed Fashion magazine that everyone who is anyone wants to appear in!  If you are a fashin follower and appreciate high end fashion then this is the magazine for you.  To subscribe to Vogue starting from £19.99 click here.

For the Home Lovers


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Living Etc  – The modern design and lifestyle magazine offering inspiration and decorating ideas for your home.  To subscribe to living Etc from £24.99 for the year click here.


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The Ideal Home Magazine – A inspiration and decorating magazine, aimed at bringing ideas, great buys and expert advice to the reader. To subscribe to The Ideal Home Magazine click here.


Happy Reading

Mrs J xx

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