Mrs J’s Advent Gift Guide Day Eleven – Board Games

Day Eleven of Mrs J’s Gift Guide and it’s all about the Board Games.  After the Turkey  and brandy butter have all been eaten, and the Christmas episode of Eastenders has been shown its time to get stuck into that Cheeseboard and engage in a bit of family competitive fun.  Below are some of mine and Mr J’s recommendations.  Can you guess who picked what?


Balderdash is the con artist game where each player tries to con the other players into believing their made up definitions of places names and events etc.  Perfect to test if you are the ultimate blagger!

Drummond Park Absolute Balderdash – £14.99, to buy click here


Articulate is one of my all time favourite games and a great winning combination if you are paired up with someone that knows you really well.  The aim of the game is to describe as many words as possible for the chosen topic and get your team mates to guess them correctly. (a bit like charades but with words).

Drummond Park Articulate Game – £22.99, to buy click here


Bananagrams is a game where you create your own filled in crossword.   The aim of the game is to use all your tiles up by creating connecting words whilst competing against other players.

Bananagrams Game – £13.29, to buy click here

Risk HN

 Risk is the ultimate game where you get to take charge, lead your troops and rule the world! Please take note that I have beat Mr J twice much to his embarrassment!

Hasbro Risk Board Game – £25 (special offer £20), to buy click here


Scrabble is a game of words where every letter placed counts.  If you’re a family that like to argue, then the handy dictionary will keep the fake words at bay.

Original Scrabble with Dictionary – £19.99, to buy click here


Monopoly is the original property trading game that kept me and my cousin occupied for literally hours every day of the summer school holidays.  Monopoly have now released localised city boxes, to help you build a property empire in your local area.  This box is based around London Underground.  There are also Manchester, Cambridge and Glasgow editions available.

Winning moves London Underground Edition -Scrabble – £22.99, to buy click here


Settlers of Catan is Mr J’s new favourite game. It is a high brow strategic game of negotiation and strategy.  Just like Risk it will keep the boys occupied for hours.

Settlers of Catan – £30.99, to buy click here


Cards Against Humanity. A game that me and Mr J got introduced to last New Years Eve.  That night we experienced all emotions, this game not for the faint hearted and certainly not for the post Christmas meal dinner game with the in-laws.  It’s Awkward yet funny and may make you feel like a horrible person, but it will get you invited to dinner parties!  The concept is that the dealer reads one  card with a statement from a Black card, and the rest of the players complete that question/ statement with a response from on of their funniest white cards.  The best combination wins the round.

Cards Against Humanity – £20.00, to buy click here

Happy Gaming

Mrs J xx

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