Mrs J’s Advent Gift Guide Belated Day Fourteen and Day Fifteen- Beauty Boxes


Morning all and welcome to a combined belated Day Fourteen and Day Fifteen of my Advent Gift Guide.  Today I wanted to talk to you about Beauty Boxes and my love for them.  For those of you that don’t know  what a Beauty Box is, it is a monthly subscription of usually 5 to 6 beauty items that get nicely packaged and delivered to your door.  These products are either full or sample size and consist of well know brands such as Benefit Makeup or new brands to the market.  With so many beauty boxes on the market it is hard to choose which one to go for.  As you can see from the images above I buy/ subscribe to quite a few of them and can help you decide which one to go for.  If your struggling for a present for your Wife, Girl friend, Sister, Mother etc a subscription to one of the Beauty Boxes above will be the best decision you will make this year.


BirchBox –  Birchbox is the monthly subscription box aimed at helping the everyday person wade through the vast amount of beauty products that there out on the market and find their suitable match.  When you sign up to Birchbox you are asked to answer a few questions on your hair and skin type etc,  this will determine the type or shade of products that you will receive each month.  Some of the brands will be from tried and tested brands, others will be a bit more niche.  Birchbox have also created a loyalty point system where you get to review products and boxes in exchange for points.  These points are then saved up and can be redeemed in their shop for you to use to purchase / or use as payment to a purchase of your choice.  Even if you end up with a product that you have never heard of there is likely a helpful tutorial or video online that will make yo feel like a pro.  From as little as £10 per month to subscribe and get your very own Birchbox click here.  To view previous Birchboxes click here.

Glossybox- Glossybox  is another monthly subscription box that focuses on emotion, experience and inspiration.  Not that dissimilar to its rival Birchbox, Glossybox gives the consumer 5 surprise products every month.  Each product can also be reviewed each month to retain ‘GlossyDots’ (points) which then can entail you to receive a free Glossybox!  The one unique thing that Glossybox offers that other monthly boxes of its kind don’t are the Limited edition Boxes.  These limited edition boxes can be purchased by regular subscribers for a preferred rate and for the everyday consumer at a slightly higher price.  To be honest with you, i’m not a Glossybox subscriber yet,  not because I don’t like the boxes but more because I have so many boxes at the moment that another box of samples in the bathroom cabinet might just tip Mr J over the edge.  What I have been able to sneak in is the Limited edition – Glossybox and Harvey Nichols Box.  To Subscribe to Glossy box from £10 per month click here. To view previous Limited Edition boxes and sign up to the next one click here.

My Little Box – My Little Box first started in 2008 by five friends from ‘My Little Paris Newsletter’.  From the success of the info packed newsletter ‘My Little Box’ was born.  Each monthly themed box consists of some beauty fashion and lifestyle surprises, and a magazine full of advice and tips written by Bloggers from all over the world. Along with teaming up with the creme de la creme in beauty brands each monthly box gets its own brand beauty product from their range ‘My Little Beauty’. This box is suited to someone who would prefer quality over quantity as there are usually about three beauty items and one main lifestyle piece. Initially I was a bit skeptical as to the contents of each box as compared to some of the other boxes out there it is a little bit more pricey, but I have to admit that I have been pleasantly surprised!  Each monthly box has been better than the last and worth every penny. The September box was themed around Paris, to read my post click here, the October Box was an exclusive collaboration with Diane Von Furstenburg, to read my post click here,  the November Box was My Little Cosy Box, (perfect for this cold weather) to read my post click here, December’s box was a collaboration with the Vlogger/ Blogger Fleur De Force.  I haven’t written a post about this month as I don’t want to spoil it for you if you decide to subscribe, but it is full of little crafting items to help you with your Christmas wrapping, a lovely surprise gift for you and beauty items that consist of Face cream, Body Lotion and Lipstick.  Each monthly box is from £11 with P&P. To Subscribe to My Little Box click here, to view previous boxes click here.

Latest in Beauty – The site aimed to aid the try before you buy scenario.  Moving away from the traditional monthly subscription, you have two options in which to purchase.  You can design your own beauty box from a wide range of new products on the market, or buy one of their pre-created beauty boxes.  I personally am a fan of the pre created – LLB Collection boxes as what you see is what you get with no hidden surprises.  Latest in Beauty have had many renowned collaborations such as the Glamour Beauty Edits – to read my post click here.  Other collaborations have been with The British Beauty Blogger and Caudalie just to name a few.  This Christmas they have launched the brilliant Christmas Cracker Beauty Box, which is a great treat for your Secret Santa (depending on the budget) or perfect for a girls only Christmas Lunch.  To view the LLB collections click here.  To Build your own Latest in Beauty Box click here.

Happy Shopping

Mrs J xx

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