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Girl Geek Meetup? What’s that?  Well for everyone that knows me well, you will know that I am the most un-techy person around! I can work my phone no problem there! But if there is an issue with my Laptop or Computer, I have Dell ready on speed dial.

Since moving into Digital Marketing from Fashion Merchandising I have been totally taken out of my comfort zone of Excel and been thrown into a world of API feeds, Widgets, Deep linking and Mobile Commerce!  So here is where the Geek part come in.  On my quest for additional training I came across Geek Girl Meetup.

In a Nutshell Geek Girl Meetup is a group of passionate women working in tech, design and start ups, who like to meet up.  Their ambition is to highlight female role models in the industry and provide and environment for idea sharing and support.  Geek Girl was founded in Sweden in 2008 and now exisiting four Swedish cities as well as in Denmark, Mexico, Berlin and Hong Kong. Geek girl have regular breakfast meet ups and here is a bit of info about the first one I attended today.

Geek Girl Meet Up – Let’s talk API’s!
It was a 8am start, pretty early I agree but was definitely worth getting up at 6am for.  The team had hosted a lovely breakfast for all the attendees.  So after some coffee and some food to get us all going we all sat down to listen to some inspirational women in the industry:
Camille Baldock – Software engineer, currently a Ruby contractor.
Chris O’Dell – Lead Developer at 7 digital one of London’s premier digital download companies where she heads up the API team.
Sara Gozalo – Software Engineer at BBC Radio & Music.  Currently working on the new Playlister team.
The talks were based around API’s.  What is an API?  An API is the shortened term for a Application Programming Interface.  This interface allows for applications or computers to talk to each other.  An example of a great API is Twitter.  You can interact with Twitter through different devices, smart phone, Ipad, Tablet, Desk Top etc.  For example when you ‘tweet’ the information is sent though to Twitter’s database.  When you read your twitter feed, that information has also been received to your device from the same database. All this data has been simultaneously communicated via a API!

If you want to learn more like me about all things tech or just want a bit more info about Geek Girl then visit GeekGirlMeetup.

Mrs J xxx

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