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Happy Friday everyone!
Now this is a bit of a random post from me but here it goes – back pain! We’ve all had it at some point in our lives and if you haven’t, well I hate to break it to you but you probably will!  Im not a doctor even though sometimes I like to think I am (via a google search)! Having discussed my aches and pains over many a glass of wine with my friends I can confirm that our lifestyle and posture is a large contributor, however that doesn’t deter us from spending a large part of our salary on the many miracle cures that are out there. From massages, running, pilates to Bikram Yoga, one thing that I cant argue about is exercise a great healer for the mind and body.  My personal trainer introduced me to some cross fit massage balls that are great for getting to those trigger points of pain.  The best bit however are that they are cheap and can be used at home.
 Here’s my recommendation – Trigger Point Massage Ball Set
The Trigger Point Massage Ball set is great for acupressure massage and trigger point release.  Each ball is of a different firmness. Red = Hard, Orange = Medium, and Yellow = Soft.
 After choosing a ball of suitable hardness.  Position it on the point on your back to be massaged and lie flat on the floor and allow pressure to be applied for a few seconds.  Gently move to change position of the ball to apply pressure to a different area.  These balls should be used ideally when your muscles are warmed up or loose ie after exercise or a warm bath.
For the lower back or glutes position yourself in a sitting position against a wall or door. For thighs or calves sitting or lying on the floor will apply optimum pressure.  finally for your shoulders and upper back lie on the floor or place a ball between your back and a wall.
What’s your favourite ball?  Red, Orange or Yellow?
Mrs J xxx

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