Mrs J Recommends… The Book Thief!

 Being a firm non believer of new year’s resolutions that I will never keep.  I set myself more of a  life goal to put aside more ‘me time’ and to read more!  So on my journey or reading more I came across The Book Thief!

If there is one book that you are going to read this year I would recommend The Book Thief.  It is set in Nazi Germany and is told from the point of view of people living in Germany at that time and their struggle for survival.  The story is beautifully written and narrated by death and the main character Liesel.  I know what your thinking – narrated by death! A bit morbid.  I think the way the story is narrated makes it unique in its reading and is quite powerful in its message, in contrast to the narration of a young girl.  The innocence of the main character and the child-like simplicity of a child growing up in Nazi Germany just adds to the power of the story.

The Book Thief

Without spoiling the story, the plot is based around a girl who goes to live with Foster parents, learns how to read in the basement and her love for books.  The plot gets more interesting when the family take in a Jewish boy into hiding in their basement, and the moral arguments that they face being unpolitical German people.  I also found it interesting to see what Nazi Germany was like for German people at that time.  To find out what happens get down to your local book shop or order online.

 Happy reading, Mrs J xx

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