Mrs J Recommends…Ted’s Grooming Room!

If your reading this post you may be wondering why I’m writing about a Men’s Grooming Parlour! Well all will be revealed!

I personally love all beauty treatments, especially facials and manicures! If I could afford it I would have it once a week! As a woman our experience of visiting the hairdresser’s can also be quite luxurious and relaxing.  Men on the other hand don’t indulge or have such desires.  I’d like to think that after nearly four years with Mr J that I have made him a bit metro sexual (lets hope he doesn’t read this!).  Whenever we are on holiday we seem to find proper barber where Mr J can get a traditional cut- throat shave for next to nothing.  So on his quest of Male Grooming Mr J came across Ted’s Grooming Room.

A bit more info you say?  Well in the quest for a perfect Shave the Ted Baker brand discovered the ancient crafts and techniques of the Ottoman Empire’s master barbers and recreated the experience in Five London Locations.  Each of these venues have a high end Turkish Style Barbours feel. The services they offer are haircuts, beard trims and hot towel shaves. The staff are professionally trained in Turkish barbery.

Mr J went to the shop in Mayfair and opted for ‘the full works’.  This consisted of a very neat short haircut, cut throat shave, hot towels and even a shoulder massage! The whole treatment lasted around 45mins and cost £42 (£50 with tip). He thoroughly enjoyed this experience and intends to repeat. This is the perfect place to park the man in your life while you visit the shops on Oxford St. The icing on the cake is that you don’t even require an appointment! – you can just turn up so you may have to wait 20 min.  I think this is going to definitely be used to my advantage!

Mrs J xxx

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