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Hair is something that I’ve never really indulged into writing about, not for any particular reason, more so for the fact that I consider myself to be pretty safe when it comes to my choice of hairstyle. Gone are the days of underlay bright red hair and tight braids! Yes I had both! Now it’s more of a straight or curly kind of decision that needs to be made, something that’s easy to achieve, keep and is low maintenance. Due to the in-between nature of my hair (as it’s neither curly nor straight), its looks tend to need a little bit of help and a generous amount of the right product to achieve. And with that I mean heat! Heat is (yes I know) the worst way to bring damage to our natural hair. It is why what I use to wash, clean and protect my hair with is very important. The change of seasons tends to see me opt for more of the straight hair look, more because the dreaded wooly hat is going to come out, and flattened curls under a wooly hat is never a good look. So the summer saw me use more of a light coconut shampoo due to more frequent washing. I knew it was time to invest in something that was going to protect my hair from heat and the natural elements, and also making it healthier. So with that… Mrs Jonas recommends Moroccan Hair Oil!

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Moroccan Oil hair products have been around for a while now. Last year saw the craze of many brands incorporating this wonderful ingredient not only into their hair products but also in creams and oils for the body. So with that I thought I would test out the Moroccan Hair Trio (shampoo, conditioner and hair oil in one). First point to note about both the Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner is that they are made from a formula that is free of sulphates, phosphates and paragons (all the nasties) and is also safe for coloured hair. The shampoo gently cleanses the hair with a mixture of organ oil, keratin, fatty acids and other nutrients, whilst the conditioner, containing all of the above, is a great detangler. Then onto the oil treatment featured in a powerful little bottle where it only requires a few drops to be massaged into damp or towel-dried hair then styled as normal. The oil absorbs into the hair, protecting it from natural and heat damage while making it feel extremely soft and super shiny!

Mrs J’s Verdict

Well whilst I was totally on the Moroccan Oil band wagon during the previous two summers, I have clearly been living in a cave when it comes to trying this fabulous oil on my hair. One of the reasons to my aversion to using hair oils is that I have spent most of my life trying to have that freshly-washed clean look (i.e. the non-greasy look). Also that slight concern on how the body in my hair would be affected as it’s all about the volume these days! So what’s the verdict? Well I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m not going to lie for it did take a few washes for me to use the right amount of product for the length and amount of hair I have, as yes over washing and over oiling is a thing! Once mastered, my hair felt and smelt amazing. The fact that I can’t stop touching it is really not helping the non-greasy cause. I also found, after forgetting to pack my leave-in conditioner, hair boost spray and hair spray on a rest weekend away with Mr J, that I didn’t really need any of them to achieve the desired look with my Moroccan oil trio packed ready for the rescue. Only time will tell whether the actual condition of my hair improves, but for now I’m sticking with the trio and working on the saying that less is defiantly more (but not when it comes to the volume of my hair!).

If you feel like trialling the trio yourself then Feel Unique are stocking them as a gift set for £33.80 (with a value of £47.50)

Have you tried any Moroccan Oil hair products?

Mrs J xx

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