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Okay, so who joined the gym in January but hasn’t looked at their gym trainers in the last month? This is the common scenario that many of us see ourselves in. I’m partially guilty of the above! I always train once a week with a personal trainer, walk a lot, and try and go to a few cardio/interval training classes and yoga where I can. However, the past few months has seen the class attendance drop off. Occasionally it’s a bit of laziness from me but sometimes it’s social activities or events that clash with those class times that I forget to factor in and substitute with just working out for myself. Well after a few strict words from my friend and trainer on that matter, I’m working on changing my mindset. With sunnier days coming up and a holiday not so far away, it would be great to feel good in a bikini! Everyone has their own motivational tactics and for me, well, setting a few treats or ‘goals’ along the way is the only way that you will see me getting out of bed early on the weekend. Now I’m not talking about a cheat day on the food front. I’m talking about a pamper treat whether that be getting my nails done, a spa day or a blow dry, etc. But then all that costs money right? So how do I keep motivated on a daily basis? Well, daily pampering with good skincare products is the key. Right now post a workout I’m loving switching between the two Mio kits: Strong Is The New Skinny and Your Fit Skin For Life Kit.

Strong Is The New Skinny


This box is all about strong dewy skin. I think all three products are not just for post workout use but something to pack when going on holiday or for use in the summer months when baring those legs. The kit comes with The Activist – firming antioxidant boy oil perfect to use post shower and great at locking in moisture. It’s oil that doesn’t leave a greasy residue and one of Mio’s best sellers and Mrs J’s top body oils. To read about my thoughts on the Activist in more detail, click here. Next we have the Double Buff, a dual action enzyme exfoliator. Dead skin cells are gently buffed away with pumice, lava and bamboo particles being blended with papaya and pineapple enzymes. It leaves skin soft and ready to be moisturised with Future Proof – firming active body butter. Now arguably you could use any body butter/cream that you regularly use. There is nothing to say that you need to use only a Mio moisturiser. However, what I would say is that Mio has the best set of ingredients and their products smell amazing. This body butter contains blueberry and pomegranate oils, Reishi mushroom extract and organic sweet almond and olive oils! The Strong Is The New Skinny Kit is £26.50 and can be bought at LookFantastic.

Your Fit Skin For Life Kit


Unlike the kit above, the Fit Skin For life kit still focuses on fit and glowing skin but angles more toward post workout use thus makes a perfect kit for your gym bag. The first product is Boob Tube – a multi-action bust firmer. Now I really don’t believe that products like this work as age and gravity state that things will move south eventually. However, in defence of Mio, I think what they have created here is to make people aware of the neck, chest and boob area as it is not just our face that ages. This cream is rich in omegas and skin firming and brightening ingredients. So if it makes you focus and cream your bits, then I say all for the Boob Tube! Next we have the Wonder Workout, an invigorating muscle motivating gel for use pre and post exercise. This gel is meant to ease aches and inflammation and soothe aching muscles. It definitely cools the skin down but I feel that this product doesn’t suit me as the spearmint smell is quite strong. It felt like I was covered in toothpaste! The last product in this kit was my favourite, The Activist, and probably the only product that I would buy this kit for. What I think would be great to see in this kit is a warming muscle gel. The Your Fit Skin For Life Kit is £26.50 and can be bought at LookFantastic.

Have you tried any Mio Products?

Mrs J xx

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