Magnitone Lucid The Daily Cleansing and Exfoliation Brush

You know that feeling you get just after a facial where you skin feels totally renewed and squeaky clean? Well now you can have that feeling right in your very own home with a Magnitone Lucid.  If you’re not familiar with the Magnitone brand then the easiest way for me to describe the Magnitone Lucid is that it is a giant electric toothbrush for the face!
The Magnitone facial brush uses electromagnetic technology which makes the brush head produce tiny vibrations or oscillations if we want to use technical terms. These tiny vibrations make the brush head move at over 15,000 times per minute, cleaning away any dirt off the face, unclogging those pores. Now I would like to see you wash your face that fast! So if like me where sometimes you have lazy days or you just wash your face in the shower (there is nothing wrong with that), then Magnitone might just be your saviour.  This giant toothbrush not only deep cleans your face to leave your skin feeling softer, brighter and smoother but it’s also waterproof hence you use it in the bath/ shower.

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Now for the finer details.  The Magnitone Facial brush comes in two settings: sensitive and deep clean. These are controlled from the main panel and can be adjusted by a simple push of a button.  The brush is only meant to be used for one minute and doesn’t require any special or fancy facial cleansers.  You can either lather your face with your cleanser and then use the brush or put your cleanser on the brush head before switching on. I prefer to lather the cleanser on my face and then use the brush.  The brush comes with a clever beeping timer so as soon as you have wet/ washed the brush in warm water, you are ready to go. Start with the forehead and brow area for 20 seconds (wait for the beep) then move to each cheek for 10 seconds, moving slowly from ear to lip.  Each cheek change will be identified with a beep. Then finally on the last beep, you move to the nose, chin and mouth area for the last 20 seconds.  After the minute is over, the brush automatically switches off. You can then pat your skin dry and follow your usual daily/ nightly routine.  The Magnitone brush is easy to keep clean and just requires a wash of the brush head  that is then left to dry along with the main Magnitone unit.  Each brush can usually be used for about 8 weeks before it needs replacing; a perfect facial tool for all the family to use (just buy your own facial heads).

Mrs J’s verdict – The Magnitone Facial brush is the easiest way to deep clean your face without having a facial.  It has reduced the amount of flannels I wash and has improved the brightness of my skin, so much so that Mr J now wants to get one for his self! I might just have to share.

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Mrs J xx

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