Maddi Alexander Serene Pillow Spray

Hello Winter!

The Autumn/Winter month’s are some of my favourite months. One, because it’s during my my birthday!! Two, because, well, it’s quite a romantic and Christmas is not that far away! Hopefully the rain stops falling and the sun will come out making way for long walks wrapped in cosy jumpers and the start of evenings would be sitting around a fire cuddled up to a glass of red wine.

Whilst I love the change of seasons, the one thing I do tend to struggle with in general and more so in winter is getting to sleep early and walking up at all. Whilst I have never been officially diagnosed, I am convinced that I have a slight form of SAD disorder. So if there is anything that can help me drift off to sleep and wake up on time, then I’m all for giving it a go. My saviour in the mornings is the Lumie lamp that wakes me up via a natural sunrise. Far better than being scared out of bed by the sound of my phone alarm going off in pitch black. To read more about my Lumie lamp, click here.

So now I’ve covered getting up in the morning, it’s time to factor in actually getting to sleep. Other than getting to bed earlier in general, turning all off/having a ban from all devices (mobile phones, laptops) that glare a light known to disturb sleep, or taking the odd natural herbal sleeping tablet, what else is there? Well sometimes certain smells can help you relax and fall into a natural sleep cycle. My choice is the Maddi Alexander Serene Pillow Spray.

This pillow spray is 100% natural and free from any preservatives and alcohol mixed with a variety of essential oils and a blend of geranium and lavender. The perfect calming concoction to de-stress and relax you into a peaceful sleep. Has it worked miracles for me? Well, no. I can’t say that one spritz and I’m straight into an 8-hour sleep cycle! What I can say is that adding a spray as part of my night time routine along with ten minutes of colouring myself calm has made me mindful of my surroundings and switch off from the distracting social media accounts that I so frequently check. As let’s face it no one is going to care if I don’t like that Facebook post that night!
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Mrs j xx

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