When was the last time you took a full hour (or half an hour depending on your job) lunch break?

Many of us forget to take a break, eat, or even go to the bathroom until the very last minute.  Even when we do take a break we are more than likely to be glued to our phones, checking out the latest cat pictures on Facebook, taking selfies on Instagram or just following the latest hash tag on twitter…yes, #LunchBreakHoliday is trending! Whilst not being one to preach, I’d say it is probably a good idea to step away from that screen! After all the world is not going to end if you take a break (unless you’re a surgeon then ignore what I have just said and finish up that operation before you head off in search of your nearest M&S).

So whilst the sun is out I’ve decided that I’m going to take my full LunchBreakHoliday. It will be a full 60 mins, if I bring my own lunch, of people watching, gossiping or just simply laying in the sun.  If you look close enough at the people in your park you will notice that all LunchBreakHoliday candidates fall into one character or another.  First, you have the sun worshippers – any chance to get out and top up that tan, there they are. Secondly, you have the gym bunnies heading straight to the gym for a de-stressing workout or for a spot of meditation in the park. Then there are the workaholics – they’ve left for a break but are still glued to their iPhones and tapping away on their laptops. Then you have my favourite, the social media addicts, taking selfies and Instagramming their food (we’ve all been there). Finally, there are the Packlunchers munching away on their healthy salad or having a serious bout of food envy.

So which lunch time character are you?

Why not break the mold and have a LunchBreakHoliday followed by a half day holiday off work and really enjoy the sunshine, with a glass of Fizz?


Or, why not have your own LunchBreakHoliday and be in with the chance of winning £4,000 to host a Summer Party for all your work colleagues, courtesy of Travel Supermarket.

To enter, simply Tweet or Instagram your LunchBreakHoliday images to #LunchBreakHoliday and @TravelSupermkt

The competition closes at 5pm Thursday the 30th of July.  For full T’s and C’s, click here

Happy LunchBreakHoliday

Mrs J xx


*Frisbee, lunchbox and picnic mat were gifts from

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