Luisa Omielan, Am I Right Ladies?

Luisa Omielan


*image source from Soho Theatre site

Ladies and Gents if you haven’t heard about Luisa Omielan then sit up and pay attention.  Last night me and my best friend Jess made our way to Soho theatre to see the hottest stand up female comedian around Luisa Omielan.

A night that promised just what the doctor ordered laughter laughter and more laughter.

 So who is Luisa  Omielan?

 Luisa Omielan is the London based Comedian who became the woman of the hour from her stand up debut show ‘What would Beyonce Do?’ at the Edinburgh Film festival.  With loads of girl power, booty shaking and dancing.  ‘What Would Beyonce Do?’ is the perfect girls night out.  Luisa Omielan talks from the heart mixing her gags with songs and asking the burning question for every scenario – ‘ What would Beyonce Do?’

 ‘Am I right Ladies?’ Is the second show from Luisa Omielan and like her first debut, had the audience in fits of laughter.  This show focuses more on Luisa’s rise to fame, mixed in with real life body and relationship issues that most people female or male can relate to.  The show literally had us in tears of laughter!  One hour with Luisa was simply not enough.

 Luisa Omielan – Am I Right Ladies is currently showing at Soho Theatre until Saturday the 4th of October.  To buy the last remaining tickets click here

 For the last chance to watch L debut ‘What would Beyonce Do’ on the 21st and 22nd of November in London’ West End click here

To visit Luisa’s site click here

 Mrs J xx


p.s when in doubt always ask yourselves… What Would Beyonce Do?

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