Lottie London The Millenial Girls Dream!

If you have younger siblings, cousins, kids or generally are in the know and frequently wander the isles of Superdrug in your lunch breaks, then you would know that the ‘tween’ aka 14-24 age range of makeup products has grown in mass. Mostly by well-known high street beauty brands making a comeback, it’s also a result of the launch of Vloggers such as Zoella, Tanya Burr and Fleur De Force endorsing beauty ranges and products. So with the internet and YouTube at their fingertips (yes, as crazy as it sounds, the average 12 year old is probably more clued up about how to use a beauty blender and get that perfect selfie ready look than the average 30 year old!) and all this new found beauty demand, comes the introduction of a new brand. It is suitable not only for the tween market but for people like me who also like a bit of fast beauty every now and then! Introducing Lottie London!


Lottie London is the fashionable and fun beauty and accessory brand launched earlier this year in our high street drugstore, Superdrug. The brand is inspired by fun and fearless tween beauties from around the world who want to look their best all the time, and aren’t afraid to experiment with new looks and fun nail art designs. Lottie London’s core range falls into three categories: Lottie Laquer, Lottie Brushes and Lottie Accessories. Today I’m going to focus on Lottie Laquer.

Lottie Lacquer


Lottie Lacquer polishes come in a selection of over 60 highly pigmented shades, in a cute chunky design with stripy lid bottle. Each polish comes with a wide flat brush for easy application and with a formula that for £5.99, has very good staying power. I’m a sucker for a good fun polish name as well!


(left to right)

Icon-oholic (red), Guru (plum), Play Pretend (beige shimmer) and Happy Hump Day (glitter).

Lottie Lacquer can be bought from £5.99 here.

Lottie London also makes a range of vegan friendly brushes to cover all bases from eyeshadow, concealer to blush. Brushes start from £3.49 and can be bought here. Finally if you’re starting to think about Christmas and are in the market for some cute sticking fillers, then check out Lottie London’s accessories ranging from nail files, hair ties to makeup blending sponges – here.

Have you tried or bought anything from the Lottie London range?

Mrs J xx

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