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When was the last time you really took a moment to soak in your surroundings, be a bit selfish and think about what you want to do today and what you want out of life? Have you given yourself a pat on the back for what you have achieved be it in your everyday routine, life goals or your career? Answer: probably never! If you work and live in London like I do, then you know that life here is a crazy ball of busy stress. If you’re not squished on the tube in a rush to get to work, then you’re probably on your way to another social occasion, and so I rest my case. This year, I did make a conscious decision to relax more and say no to things. I’ve got the “keep calm” and “mindfulness” books down (I just need to find the time to read them), and meditation apps are perfect at getting me back to sleep when I get a dose of insomnia. So where exactly was I going to get that conscious moment? Well it’s time to take it back to the basics and with that I mean water! – an essential source of goodness that we need to survive. Introducing …Conscious Water!

Conscious Water
Conscious Water Variety 30 pack – £39

Conscious Water is a brand developed to address many of the things that impact our well being, and to help us live consciously; live our lives to the max the way we want starting with taking a simple moment and enjoying a glass of water with a Conscious Water Flower Essence water enhancer.

Conscious Water
Conscious Water Flower Essences come in six different flavours:

Love – made with a natural hint of Lychee Rose flavour.

Clarity – made with a natural hint of Green Tea Spearmint flavour.

Happiness – made with a natural hint of Dragon Fruit Strawberry flavour.

Rejuvenation – made with a natural hint of Apple Elderflower flavour.

Serenity – made with a natural hint of Orange Blossom flavour.

Sweetdreams – made with a natural hint of Pink Lady Lavender flavour.

Mrs J’s verdict – I am by no means a wellness guru or a wellness junkie. I’m more the person who likes to live to the full but with a bit of balance. I definitely do not drink enough water as I’m quite put off by the taste of it. I know what you’re thinking: water has no taste! To me, that “no taste” is a taste and adding a bit of healthy flavour to it masks the fact that I have a huge glass of water in front of me to consume. The first time that I saw these little sachets from Conscious water, I did question whether this was actually good for me. I mean why alter something as natural as water? Surely that cannot be good, can it? Well for those worriers out there, Conscious Water is totally safe and contains only all natural flavourings – no artificial colours and no chemicals or artificial preservatives! The flavours are subtle but tasty yet with no lingering after taste and much healthier than other flavoured water bottles that are currently out in the market. So whilst I’ve not yet mastered the art of clearing my mind, I have increased my intake of water and all thanks to Conscious Water. Conscious Water sachets can be bought in bundles of single flavours or mixed packets of 9 sachets for £13.50, a great way to sample each of the flavours. They also come in larger 30 single pack and variety pack options from £39. To shop the Conscious Water range, click here.

What’s your favourite flavour?

Mrs J xx

*pr sample


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