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Nail Polishes….. how many is too many? With so many brands and versions of, the nail polish choice is endless. First you have to pick your type: high shine, matt, long lasting, chip resistant, crackle, false, temporary, and gel. Then you need to pick your colour and if you want to go all out the next decision is nail art vs nail Jewellery, yes or no?

When I see a nail varnish I think of it as an extention of my outfit. Yes most of the time I go for colour and other times I like to experiment. Trust me over the years there have been some shockers (the multi-coloured leopard print false nails) just to name a one.  Whilst the variety of nail varnishes and colours has grown over time, the process in which they go on and the time it takes to dry hasn’t really changed all that much.  That is until I met the founders of Little Ondine.

Little On

Little Ondine is a brand new nail polish that is yet to launch into the UK market that is made from natural organic ingredients. It is quick drying, has NO smell and has a easy peel of formula.  Little Ondine is a little bit of genius in a bottle!

Composed from natural resin, organic colourants and water, Little Ondine gives a smooth drying finish to your nails. Being a person that always leaves painting her nails to the last minute I can now paint on the go, and the best of all is that no one will know that I’m doing it!  Perfect for when I need to paint my nails at my desk just before a meeting or an event. Oh and if I don’t like the shade, a few minutes later I can simply peel it off and start again.

Little Ondine can be bought as solo bottles or as twins in two mini bottles that can be mixed and matched.

To Shop on the Little Ondine Site click here, Mrs Jonas readers get an exclusive 20% Little Ondine offer code  on orders over £15 until the 28th of February with code: JONAS20.

Once you have purchased your Little Ondine bottles here are a few tips to get the perfect polish:

1. Clean and prep your nails, removing any trace of old nail polish.  An alcohol based nail polish remover will work well.  Then make sure your nails are dry before moving to step two.

how-to use 2



2. Roll the chosen Little Ondine polish bottle between your hands to mix the polish mixture.



3. Apply one coat of Little Ondine polish and once dry apply a second coat for a rich and lasting colour.



Top tip: avoid the cuticles and surrounding skin.  For a longer wear apply the ‘Little Ondine Secret’ as your base and top coat. Please note that Little Ondine polishes should not be mixed with other polish brands.


 Happy Polishing with Little Ondine!

Mrs J xx

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