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With Monday being named as ‘Blue Monday’ officially the nation’s most depressive day of the year and the coming Friday being known as ‘Duvet Day’, its not hard to see why so many people are struggling to get motivated and energised.  I’m not particularity fussed by these made up national days, having been around 30 plus years I’ve seen my fair share of January days and no surprises here folks, January is generally cold, dark and bleak.  We do live in England after all! So whilst I didn’t get energised at the gym this weekend I did get in the right frame of mind from the delivery of My Little Energy Box!



 If you have read my previous posts on My Little Box then you will know that each monthly box is themed and handpicked full of beauty, and some fashion or lifestyle pieces.  Each box also contains an own brand beauty product from the My Little Box team, is known as My Little Beauty.  Unlike other beauty boxes that are on the market at the moment My Little Box always contains a monthly mini magazine and cute little motivational post cards like the one below.


January’s lifestyle pieces were a postcard, magazine, motivational calendar and a mini gym bag.  Judging by the packaging I think the My Little Box team have been speaking to my personal trainer!


The beauty pieces came in a cute spotted draw string material bag and contained a deep red Nail Varnish called Tate from Nails Inc.  Which if I’m being honest I haven’t had the chance to test out yet. Nails Inc is one of my favourite long lasting nail brands so a new full sized bottle did not have me complaining and it is on trend with the Pantone colour of the year Marsala! To read my post on the colour of the year click here. In The second item was the My Little Beauty own brand product Energising mist. A mist that can be used at any time on the face and body.  Enriched with vitamin C and and a hint of green tea, a spritz of this will refresh tired skin.  Perfect for slipping into the lifestyle gym bag for use before a after a gym class. The final product was Talika Photo-Hydra Day  cream 30ml.  A totally new brand that I had never tried or even heard off, even though it’s been around for 60 odd years.  Photo-Hydra Day is cream designed to sink deeper into the skin, using the sun’s energy and turning it into intercellular hydrating energy. For non stop hydration all day.  The cream is clear, non greasy and looks a bit like a primer.  The jury is still out on the deep hydration, a week in this cold weather will be the ultimate test.


In conclusion this was yet another outstanding box from My Little Box, with generous full sized products. I can’t wait to see what February’s box has in store for me.  In the meantime it’s time for Mrs J to take the gym bag to the gym!

Mrs J xx

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