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latest In Beauty have launched their very own LIB Beauty awards.  With each product in each category standing out in it’s own right, it was hard to narrow them down to just eight awards. Each of the category winners will be curated into a finalist winner box ready for purchase for all of you you. If you are having trouble decising which ones are your favourite, then just for a short time, Latest In Beauty is allowing their users to create their own bespoke boxes including some of the beauty finalists. So with eight awards there can only be 8 winners! If you haven’t voted yet then here are the finalists:

 Cult Classic
  • DHC
  • He-Shi
Best Newcomer
Skincare Saviour
Must-Have Makeup 
Hottest Haircare
Body Beautiful
Best Eye Makeup

Green Award

To sample the beauty finalists and create your own beauty box click here.

To cast your vote click here (all votes must be cast before the 26th of July)

Happy Voting!

Mrs J xx

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