It only seems like yesterday when I shared with you what was inside my #LFJetsetter box; shows how quickly the next few months will fly by and we will be faced with the cold winter winds again! The sunshine this week has transformed my faith in the weather gods that we will not be beaten by the stereotypical great British summer! So if you’ve been basking in this glorious weather and have everything crossed that it will remain that way, then here’s the perfect #LFSUMMERLOVIN beauty box by Look Fantastic to keep you looking on point and with that summer ready glow!


Whats in the box?

In Transit Camera Close Up by This Works – This is one of your classic three in one products,  A mask, moisturiser and primer in one.  Which for me, if it works is perfect as the last thing you need as the weather gets warmers is a melting face due to your skin simply not being able to breathe from all the different layered products that you have on. Packed with essential oils and a Victoria Beckham-recommended product, this is one to get your hands on fast. The internist range is also great for the frequent flyer.

Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil by Benefit – If you were never bothered about your eyebrows before, you probably are going to be now! This year is the year of the brow and Benefit has totally changed the game by bringing out a new and some revamped collection consisting of 13 products! So this is just touching on the range. The Goof Proof pencil is the perfect tool to manicure those eyebrows and help fill in any gaps. Great for creating definition and hiding any regrowth before your next maintenance session!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse – This, along with the original oil, is a staple dry oil to have. This travel size is perfect to give dull skin a bit of a shimmer and glow, or to really make people jealous when parading around your post holiday tan. The oil itself smells intoxicating! With six different plant oils (one of which is sweet almond oil mixed in with vitamin E), you just can’t stop smelling it. This oil, like the original non-shimmer version, can be used not just on your skin but on your face and hair as well.

Silk Anti Frizz Cream Serum by Kebelo – Hair for me is a bit of a tough one, an area that I don’t tend to test too many products out on. When you know what works, it should simply be not a formula to mess with. That being said, after coming back from my trip around Italy, I’ve noticed that my hair has become a lot drier. I can take a sure guess it’s from exposure to the sun, chlorine and the constant washing and drying. So whilst this cream is for frizz, some of the ingredients are recommended for nourishing the hair which is exactly what my hair needs and maybe a hair mask or two!

Lip and Cheek Stain by Bellapierre – This is probably the one item in this month’s box that I wasn’t over the moon about and only because the shade was too light for my skin tone. A real disappointment as its formulation is oil-free which means that it won’t clog pores as the weather gets warmer and is the perfect multiuse product to carry when the world’s largest handbag is not an option.

Bobbles by Miti – Traceless hair ties are the most simplistic yet total genius invention! Yet another idea that I wish I had thought of. Designed to not leave any dents, marks or snag your hair, so stock up now!

Mrs J’s Verdict – This month I’ve been spoilt for choice when it comes to beauty boxes and it is fair to say that you really can’t expect to love each one and every product that you receive in them. The #LFSUMMERLOVIN beauty box was totally on point this month with practical multiuse products and on trend with the new Benefit brow range launch, The Goof Proof Brow pencil. That, topped with the informative beauty box magazine (where I’m actually going to attempt to get that perfect home blow dry from), and the latest copy of Elle magazine, it’s a 9/10 for me! #LFSUMMERLOVIN beauty box and can be bought from £11.25 per month.

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