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I write about and review a lot of beauty brands and boxes. Some follow a simple formula of brand discovery, others work on monthly themes and sometimes, just sometimes, a brand follows its own trusted formula but produces something of importance: education and of course a way for you to discover new products. So this month, LookFantastic has embraced all things beauty with a difference in celebration of Earth Month. With selected natural, organic and eco products, not only can you start being kinder to your skin but discover or rediscover some products that are kind to the environment too! So let’s have a look to see what’s in this month’s #LFBLOOMS Lookfantastic April Beauty Box.


The beauty bits

Rituals Miracle Scrub with Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba – I love a good scrub and regularly use a body scrub. A hand scrub, however, has never really been on my radar to add into my routine and only really gets given a thought during a luxury manicure. So I was glad to see this product appear in the box as it probably is time that my hands got a little attention. After all and as they do say, your hands are the first give away of your actual age! As with all Rituals products, this scrub smells amazing. Squeezing a toothpaste amount onto dry hands, simply but gently rub your hands together. The granules are small but effective enough and the scrub itself feels like melting butter full of essential oils and your hands will feel instantly soft. Still, I don’t think this is something that I will use on a daily basis as it would be too harsh. Use should be limited to once a week or as part of a home manicure session and that should be enough. Now all I need to do is remember to wear those rubber gloves when washing up!

Tan Worx Tan Maintainer – Okay so I’ve never had to use tanning products, my brown skin being the obvious reason! This product, however, is a tan maintainer and much to some people’s shock, even though I have tanned skin I love the sun and getting a tan. That said, maybe this is something I can test out but for now it’s a slightly pointless product for me as it’s too cold to sit in the sun and I have no holidays planned until later in the year. What I can say is that this clear gel like formula fully embraces that holiday smell! I don’t know what the exact combination is but the mixture of coconut and carrot oils gives it a divine smell. It smooths on as a moisturiser and is ideal for building up a gradual but natural-looking tan. It also works to ensure your tan lasts longer. I will therefore have to come back to you all on my verdict on this one! Have you used any Tanworx products before?

Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish – Balance Me is brand that I turn to time and time again. Now I’m partial to facial oil and wonder eye cream. The body polish, I’m a bit in two minds of as I wonder what exactly is a polish? I’m guessing it’s something in-between a scrub and a shower gel and I use it just like a shower gel which means that it doesn’t last that long. Being lighter, I think this is the perfect scrub for someone who has sensitive skin. I’m not opposed to it in anyway and hey, it’s the perfect travel size option so I will definitely be using it.

Bloom and Blossom Bath and Shower Gel – Bloom and Blossom is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for ages. I love the packaging and the simplicity of it which represents what it stands for: products that are fragrance-free and natural, ideal for the whole family. Most products that we use these days are scented in some way or another and often, all scents get lost within layer upon layer. Bloom and Blossom is great for those non-scented days when you want to layer on your favourite fragrance and let it take the limelight. In that sense, it makes it perfect to use on yourself and on the smaller members of your family!

Briogeo Deep Conditioning Mask – Another hair mask! Okay so I’m not going to go into my love-hate relationship with hair masks as time is always an issue for me when it comes to using such products. But after avoiding my hairdresser for the best part of 5 months in a bid to grow my hair longer and to recover from various styling damage inflicted on my hair, needless to say it needed a good chop. And so here we are again on the old hair mask debate as I clearly need to start using them more. With the weather getting warmer, my hair is bound to incur some natural UV damage, so yes, I am going to give in to the hair mask trade! With a tag line, ‘Don’t Despair, Repair!’…I’d say it’s a great start for Briogeo. On inspection, the mask smells inoffensive, continuing to a blend of avocado, sweet almond, organ and essential oils and vitamins without all the nasties. Another addition to my Sunday night pamper ritual, I think!

Elemis Hand and Nail Butter – I’m building up quite a hand cream collection and have recently started putting them everywhere so that I can use them. I love the brand Elemis and have never really tried their hand cream; more of the scrub and masks and products that are used on me post an Elemis facial (which by the way you have to try if you have not yet). The hand cream I’m sure will not disappoint, the perfect size to pop into your handbag or pocket!

The lifestyle bits

As with every box, there is a lifestyle product which recently has increased to two! This month, we had the My Vitamins Performance Effervescent (to be taken along with a balanced diet/lifestyle) and a copy of Elle Magazine.


Mrs J’s Verdict – This month’s box gets an 8/10 for me. I love the fact that there is a magazine in each box as a gift now. It really compliments some of the beauty products and makes me want to use them. I’m envisioning a bubble bath, with the deep conditioning hair mask on, a candle burning as I relax and read a copy of Elle! Each of the beauty products promotes natural skincare and are great addition to people’s routines should they not be using them already. In comparison to a lot of the beauty subscriptions out there, I think this is really good value. While yes, you may not like everything out of the 8 items, I’m sure they will make a great gift to someone who will. To get your hands on the latest #LFBLOOMS box starting from £11.25, click here.

Mrs J xx

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