Let’s all go Crackers over a cracker!

A few days ago I brought you my top Advent Calendar picks. That said, I hope you got your hand on one, as today’s post is all about the Christmas cracker. Now my thoughts on Christmas crackers… I don’t particularly like them. The majority of crackers out there are not that high quality and honestly, a bit of a waste of money. With contents such as fine paper hats (that break) and useless plastic toys, it’s hard to really get excited about a Christmas cracker. So before I was saved (yet again) by the beauty industry, I did go through a phase of making my own crackers! Yes, you read right. I made my own crackers from a cracker kit! With the cracker shell, banger, hat and joke provided, all I had to do was to personalise the cracker contents. This year I wanted to share with you some of the great crackers out in the shops. Perfect for replacing the traditional Christmas cracker on the dining table, a lovely treat for that annual girlie dinner or an indulgent stocking filler. Enjoy!

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