Kissed by Mii Exfoliating wipes

Shhh…I want to let you in on a little secret beauty find that I’ve discovered! It’s Kissed by Mii Seriously Smoothing Exfoliating Wipes! It’s a lazy person or time savvy way to prep your skin for an even looking tan.

Now whether your tan is fake, natural or the full on sun seeker type, if the sun is out you are bound to catch a few rays. If you’re like me or if you are into fake tanning products, you will be well aware that post any affiliation with the sun or a tanning bottle, exfoliation is the key. Me, personally, I’m a once or twice a week exfoliation person. However, when I know I’m going on a hot holiday, pre-holiday exfoliation is essential as during and post my time away, my focus will be all about maintaining the glow. So as every packing saga goes for me, I had every intention of being packed and ready to leave for the airport the morning of the day before. That ought to leave me with the rest of the day to exfoliate, get the brows on Fleek, and that ever important mani-pedi in check. Wishful thinking! I was, in fact, still up past midnight gathering my last bits, tidying up my home and trying to take out the 2kg of extra weight that my suitcase was holding. Exfoliation, my friends, took the backseat. That was until I remembered that I had the Kissed by Mii wipes that I could just throw in my suitcase and use later. Smart!

Kissed by Mii Wipes

The Kissed by Mii Exfoliating Wipes are two sided exfoliation wipes. The textured side (or rougher side) is to be used to exfoliate over your whole body excluding the face. Perfect for really dry areas such as your knees, elbows and feet. Then following with the smooth side, your skin is cleansed and soothed with a combination of witch hazel, nourishing aloe and allantoin leaving your skin with the perfect tanning base.

Mrs J’s verdict – I love a good in-shower exfoliant but also love the ease and convince of these wipes. I’ve found that unless you are wearing an exfoliating glove when using an exfoliant, those extra dry areas just don’t get the attention that they need. Therefore, these wipes are perfect just for that and can be used alone for the whole body or in combination with other exfoliating products. The wipes are surprisingly quite strong yet soft. The textured side is not at all like sandpaper and effectively does its job. The more pressure you use, the more effect the wipe will have. The smooth side was also very refreshing on the skin. Each pack contains around 25 wipes that will see you though a few full body tanning sessions.

The Kissed by Mii Exfoliating Wipes are £4.95 a pack and can be bought from Gerrard International.

Mrs J xx

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