Juicing, Fad or future?

Juicing we’ve all had a go at some point in our lives whether its to fight the post Christmas bulge, give our body some healthy green nutrients post a summer of ‘festivals’ or just to use up all the left over fruit and vegetables that are about to go off.  The last option there referring to my mum – just don’t ask her what’s inside!
My only excuse for not getting on the bandwagon ages ago was the lack of kitchen worktop space that the Jonas household currently has.  Also that it will probably just remain in the box like the hand held blender, the kitchen weighing scales and not to forget the retro popcorn maker that is meant to be making my ‘healthy afternoon snack’ but just adds to the weekly dusting.
Having just come back from a long holiday around the west coast of America with Mr J (more posts to follow on this), where the food and drink choices are large and endless.  I felt that now was the time to take the nutrition bullet literally!
A easy to use, no mess machine that is not a blender or a juicer but a extractor.  Each box come with a extractor blade, a milling blade, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, with handles and two resealable lids so you can drink on the go.
Mrs Jonas does Recommend! At £99 from your local Robert Dias or Argos, its not the cheapest of appliances but you are paying for convenience .  You don’t have to peel anything, clear out the waste or wash the whole appliance.  you simply cut and add your ingredients and let the bullet do the job.  The NutriBullet allows you to get all the nutrients from your food as there is no waste as the pulp is ground to juice. If you want to add nuts you can use the milling blade to grind them to dust.  Once you have whizzed the mixture up the tall cup can be removed and a handle added so you can drink straight out of the glass.  The whole appliance takes up less room than a kettle! The current box comes with a great juice making guide and if you really want to indulge a six week juice and healthy eating diet plan.  I should mention here that before you embark on any major diet/ life changes, if you are in ill health or pregnant it might be best to consult your doctor first 🙂
Here’s a step by step guide to making my Green Breakfast Juice:
1 cup full of Spinach (this should probably be 25% of the cup)
1 Banana
Hand full of Berries or Strawberries (you could use raspberries as and alternative)
Orange Half
Note: do not over full the cup over the Max mark, it will leak!
1. Add the Spinach and Banana to the Cup
2. Add the rest of the fruit and then fill the Cup with Water up to the Max mark.
3. Screw the Blade lid on, turn upside down and fix into the Bullet
4. Whizz away!
5. Remove from Bullet, unscrew the blade.  You can then screw on the handle to drink it straight away or screw on a lid and save it for later.
Yes! I know what your all thinking – pea soup! Trust me it really does taste a whole lot better than it looks.  The natural sugar of the fruit totally wipes the bitter taste of the spinach away.  So while im working on cutting out the Carbs the toaster has been banished to the larder and replaced with the Nutribullet.
Will I be using this in one year?  I can’t really say. But for now one week in this is my new healthy habit 😉
Mrs J xxx
p.s if you have the NutriBullet and can recommend a good juice recipe message me!

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