Janjira Jasmine and Ylang Ylang Massage candle

If there were two things that I had to pick as part of my favourite indulgent relaxation routine, they would have to be massages and candles! Now combine them together in one then wow, we really have got a win-win situation. Now I know that these multi-use candles are not a new invention that I have suddenly just discovered, they have been around for a while. It is, however, the first time that I have got my hands on one and dare say convinced Mr J to let me test this massage candle on him!

Born out of Thailand, Janjira is a brand that uses inspiration from Thai culture and tradition to harmonise and create ranges that are made around the bathing rituals of Thai royalty. Each product focuses not only on outer beauty but inner beauty as well, considering your spiritual wellbeing and helping you create that spa-like feeling in your own home.

Massage Candle

This luxurious candle comes in an oval designed candle holder with a tiny spout on one end to easily pour the oil once heated. It boasts of aromatic notes of Jasmine and YlangYlang to relax the senses, and Sweet Orange Blossom to create a tranquil atmosphere. Upon opening, the top note that hits me first is the jasmine scent, which if you are not a floral lover will be slightly off putting. But once lit and the candle started to melt into oil, the relaxing whiff of Ylang Ylang and Sweet Orange Blossom make their way through. Made from natural soybean oil, coconut oil and beeswax, this melted oil/wax is perfect for use when massaging the skin as it deeply nourishes at the same time.

Mrs J ‘s Verdict: This was my first use of a massage candle, a luxury for sure and one that didn’t result in any burns or injuries, as safety is the key here. When using this massage candle, all the same rules apply i.e. light in a safe clear area. How long you leave the candle burning is entirely up to you, depending on how much oil you want. My suggestion would be to light the candle for 15 to 20 minutes before use allowing the oils and wax to heat up and melt. Then when ready carefully pour the melted oil into the palm of your hand, and use as a massage oil. Not keen on the whole massage idea? Then you’re in luck for the melted oil can also be used on the body or face, or as an oil moisturiser on those particular dry bits like your elbows, feet or cuticles. The best thing about using a candle is that if you don’t use all the melted oil it just cools down back into its original form! I really enjoyed using this massage oil; there is nothing better for me than warm oil being massaged onto your back. Arguably using this method of massage oil can’t really be that spontaneous as getting oil out of a bottle but that’s where I guess it really is a treat! The Janjira Jasmine and Ylang Ylang Massage candle is £32 and can be bought at janjira.co.uk.

Mrs J xx

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