It’s official…. Summer is here!

Hello heatwave! It’s official, yesterday was the first day of the UK Summer and with temperatures rocketing to 34 degrees, Summer really has arrived with a BANG! We British people love to complain – it’s either too cold or it’s too hot! But I love the heat. You could say I’m a bit of a sun seeker so this heat is pure bliss. However, a pool in my back garden right now wouldn’t go amiss. Today I thought I would share with you a few things that I’m indulging in to keep me entertained, cool, hydrated and safe in the sun!


Cucumber Water – For those of you who know me, you will know that I hate the taste of water. Only by adding lemon or a flavour to a glass of water can make me drink more of it! It was on a trip with my friend to Jamaica that I discovered cucumber water which, at that level of daily heat, was a gift from the gods and so simple to make at home. I suggest filling a large jug or dispenser with cucumber and ice cubes, fill it up with water and allow ten minutes or so before you pour away to get maximum flavour.

Conscious Water – Back on the flavoured water vibe, Conscious Water sell flower essence water enhancers. The concept being is taking some time out to live consciously and take a simple moment to enjoy a glass of water. The great thing about these water enhancers is that they come in individual small sachets, great for carrying in your handbag with no worries about them spilling as the sachet has to be split down the middle to dispense the essence. You can read more about Conscious Water here.

Tropical Boost Smoothies from M&S – I hardly ever peer down the frozen aisle of any supermarket, frozen peas or beans being the exception here.  So as I was at M&S and it was baking hot outside, I thought I would go and hide in the freezer section and get my body temperature to an acceptable level.  I am proud to say I didn’t pick up an ice-cream but a frozen Tropical Boost Smoothie.  I had no idea such things existed.  I love making smoothies from time to time and I am organised enough that I have all the fruits that I need in the fridge. But in most cases, there are those vital ingredients missing. I mean who always has a mango or passion fruit at hand? So this, to me, is genius as you simply take a sachet out of the freezer, add it to a blender with some apple juice and voila! – you have a cold tropical smoothie. The packet contains four sachets and costs around £2.50




Tassel Dress from ASOS – Tassels or pompoms I just love and they are a great small detail that totally transforms the most basic dress design. I’m loving this Pink tassel dress from ASOS, a perfect easy day dress and one that would also look great as a bikini throw over.

Sliders from Primark – Four pounds and comfortable! That’s all I have to say on these really. There are many slider options out there with huge variations in price.  These are my current home slippers/coming-on-holiday-with-me-purchase that is more supportive and solid than the usual flip-flop.

Piz Buin Sun Protection* – I wear sunscreen everyday and wear it on my face, too, even in winter. Now that the sun has graced us in all its glory, I had to think about the full body sun protection situation.  For me, I like something that not only does the job that it says it will do, but smells nice and absorbs into the skin quickly — no white/purple marks, folks!  So my current favourite is Piz Buin sun mousse that has an easy nozzle applicator and also cools the skin on application.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Yogurt* – Finally, Aveeno! I’m a great fan of this brand as I generally tend to have dry skin which only gets worse after prolonged stints in the sun.  So at the end of the day after I’ve showered off the day’s dirt and remaining sun cream off, I opt for the new daily moisturising yogurt. Enriched with naturally active oatmeal and nutrient-rich yogurt, it both nourishes and moisturises the skin.


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At Home With Podcast – I’ve only recently got into Podcasts and they are quite addictive! Different to listening to music, you really end up investing in your chosen podcast not wanting to miss an episode.  The beauty of Podcasts is that you can download them and listen to them on the go. I quite like listening to an episode of At Home With whist walking the dog or simply just sitting in the garden. This new podcast series is now on its sixth week and is presented by two of my favourite YouTube/bloggers/influencers: Anna from TheAnnaEdit and Lily from Lilypebbles. Each week, Anna and Lily interview someone from the fashion/beauty/food/lifestyle world such as Jo Elvin, the Editor of Glamour UK; Terry De Gunzburg, the Founder of By Terry; etc.

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*features pr samples

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