It’s all about the next best thriller!

Ive become a bit addicted to thrillers! Nothing too scary, mind you, but since reading both the popular titles, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, my Chick Lit obsession has taken a slight backseat.  And what perfect timing than jetting off to a sun bed somewhere where the sun is shining to get my next thriller fix! Here’s what’s on my current reading list.

The Couple Next Door

I have high hopes for this book, differing from the traditional murder thriller plotline. The Couple Next Door is a book about a young couple who attends a dinner party at their neighbour’s house, leaving their six month old daughter alone at home after their babysitter cancels. They have their baby monitor, so what can go wrong, right?…the very thing that they would not imagine!: their baby gets stolen and that’s where the real story unfolds.

The Method

I’ve read a few thrillers that are based around kidnappings and the plots to these can be quite predictable. The Method is a story of a pregnant girl who gets kidnapped, the difference here being that she is equally as calculating as her kidnappers and starts plotting her revenge from day one. I’m interested to see how this plans out.

Do you have any good Thriller recommendations?

Mrs J xx

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