Iswari Buddha’s Awakening The Raw Superfood Breakfast Range.

Okay, so here’s the dilemma…I and Mr J have spent all of January being ‘healthy’ and when I say healthy, I mean we really went for it. I kick-started the year by clearing out our kitchen cupboard of any ‘bad’ food so that there was no temptation around. We paused the wine club membership and we graced the gym with our presence 3 to four times a week. Yes, we were one of those annoying gym couples that emerge out of the distant Christmas cloud dressed in our spanking new gym gear ready to work on that “new year, new you”. Now there were many doubts as to whether we were going to make it as let’s face it, going to friends’ birthdays in January, going out for dinner or socialising in general can be quite hard if you love food and drink. So how exactly do you keep those healthy meals interesting? The one thing that I learnt from the past month is that preparation and planning your meals and being creative where you can matters. For example, porridge wasn’t just bland porridge. Instead, it was made to have a mixture of nuts, seed and fruit giving me just that small amount of carb and stacks of protein to keep me going until lunch. So whilst porridge doesn’t take that long to make, weighing and preparing the rest of your creative ingredients does, especially first thing in the morning (if you’re disorganised like me and forget to get everything ready the night before). So while wandering the aisles of my local Planet Organic, I came across a new brand called Iswari and their Superfood Breakfast morning range that comes in a ‘Classic’ or Tropical Trio’ range. It has all the goodness of what I was spending time making, milled together in one packet, ready to have quickly on the go.


So what exactly is Iswari?

Iswari is an Irish-based company that was created to create and share healthy innovative organic superfood products that are gluten-free, highly nutritious and rich in omegas, iron, magnesium and potassium.

What are the superfood breakfast ranges?

The Classic – This range is made with milled chia, flax, almond and buckwheat and comes in three flavours: Chocolate Hit, Maca & Vanilla, and Hempiness.

Tropical Trio – This range is made with milled chia, flax, almond and buckwheat plus tropical fruit powders.


So true to my side’s name, the Iswari Superfood Breakfast Range had to be tried and tested to see if they made the breakfast cut! Here’s me testing out the Acia, Banaba and Strawberry breakfast.


First, you take four table spoons of the milled mixture.

Add 11ml of hot or cold water or milk. I went for hot water the first time and milk the second (definitely feels a bit naughtier with milk).


Then stir for 2 mins and your breakfast is ready!

Mrs J’s verdict – I love Iswari range. It tastes good and is pure convenience on days when you are in a rush. The ideal thing about them is that if you like mixing up your breakfast with nuts and fruit etc, then the nuts are already milled for you. This is the kind of breakfast you can whip up quickly in the office as well, without having to carry five separate Tupperware containers for all ingredients into the office. If the amount suggested is not enough, then get creative and add some berries or chopped banana. I found the whole meal in general to be pretty light on the stomach and didn’t leave you feeling bloated, and it definitely didn’t leave me feeling hungry! A 360g bag costs £6.75 and should last you for just over a week. Now I know it says that it’s for breakfast, but why not have some as a healthy afternoon snack alternative like I did with the Chocolate hit?

The Iswari Raw Superfood Breakfast Range can be found at your local Planet Organic Store and online, here.

Mrs J xx

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