Hang around with me long enough and you’ll notice that I always seem to have a plastic bobble on my wrist. Many have looked at me in amusement in meetings wondering if I am wearing a travel sickness band. Yes, those bands do exist and no, I don’t wear one as I have firmly grown out of those. Although sometimes, squeezing onto a packed London underground tube full of different people of varying smells, a travel sickness band could come in great use! Another food for thought is that people think I’m wearing some kind of stress band?? No, sorry folks, even though I may have days where I’m stressed, it’s me just fidgeting with the rubber bobble in meetings, no doubt, waiting in anticipation to share with you my wonderful ideas. How amazing would it be if the Invisibobble really could make you invisible! So back to the question in hand!


What is this Invisibobble?

The Invisibobble is a traceless hair ring, that any girl or boy can use to tie their hair up with in a pony, bun etc and then remove without any kinks or dents left in the hair! Amazing right?! Gone are the days of making awkward excuses as to why your hair (even though perfectly styled in the morning) later looks like you just got straight out of bed and went out for the evening. The Invisibobble comes in a range of colours and is such a great band at achieving kink less, dent less hair. At some point during my working day, when things are getting a bit intense or I’m deep in concentration (yes, the glasses go on and the hair goes up, much to my colleagues amusement), I enter into the ‘do not disturb zone’. It’s a moment of just me and my Invisibobble. What’s perfect about it is to know that when such periods end, the glasses can come off and my hair can be restored to normality easily!


Invisibobble comes in packs of threes and can be purchased for £3.75, the perfect stocking or cracker/ advent calendar filler this year!

Mrs J xx

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