I Followed The Rules

I followed the rules


I followed the Rules is the funniest book that I have read in a long time. It literally had me laughing out loud every time I picked it up, resulting in odd looks from Mr J and the holidayers on the beach. Even the seagulls were too scared to come and maul me of my snacks.
I followed the Rules is the first book I have read by Joanna Bolouri and I want to be her friend! Just from reading this book I can see that Joanna has an awesome sense of humour with a dry twist. (Joanna you should really consider doing stand up!)

A story about Catronia, a single mother who writes for a local paper under an alias, Glasgow Girl. With ratings starting to dip, Catronia gets tasked the challenge of writing a series of posts based around the ‘Rules Of Engagement’ – a DIY go-to book for single daters. We follow Catronia each step of the way with her equally amusing friends and family. If you’re wondering what the Rules of Engagement is then think of the film Hitch which featured Will Smith – something along those lines.

I basically found this book impossible to put down and managed to read it in one day! So for all you serious readers/critics out there, this is not a serious book. It is nothing that’s going to change the world and it’s not trying to do so. It’s just a very light-hearted, easy reading book that I would say was my holiday guilty pleasure. So if you’re in need of a good laugh then get your hands on I Followed the Rules. Me? Well I’m on a quest to befriend Joanna and if that fails, I’ll just have to wait for book number three!

I Followed the Rules

Mrs J xx

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