How to wear a Matte lip all year around (even in Winter)!

Okay, so this post is specifically dedicated to those of you who suffer from dry lips and still want to wear a matte lip product…shhh, keep reading I think I have found that bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow! Now, hands up I suffer from dry lips (in fact dry skin in general) so this is not a winter thing for me and I’m sure 90% of the people reading  this carry a lip balm or lip product at all times, if you don’t, you are blessed – what’s your secret? So, back to the Matte lip. It’s been around for a while and it’s not going away. The full moisture lipsticks are still floating around but if you really want to get your hands on the latest gorgeous nude shade then, guarantee, it is in the format of a matte lipstick or a matte liquid lipstick.  Now, I thought I had the solution locked down: lip balm at night, exfoliate lips in the morning, more lip balm (let that sink in) and then apply the matte lip product.  WRONG, oh so wrong!  With not all matte lip formulas being made with hydration in mind (depending on the brand), I often found that from application, it was a bit of a downward spiral that would progressively dry out my lips throughout the day.  That was until I discovered the MUA Luxe Locked lip primer*!

I mean, whoever created this is a pure genius.  I, for one, wear primer on my face when wearing a full face of makeup. It provides a great flawless base and in general, with a primer, everything looks better so why not wear one on the lips? The MUA Luxe Locked lip primer glides onto the lips smoothly, drying quickly to leave a semi matte base and it has a nourishing formula so your lips don’t feel dry, allowing for the perfect base to apply any lip product! The best thing is that this is only £4! I’m sure there are other lip primers on the market (which I still have to research into) but for now I’m quite happy with my high street drug store version.  Stock up on your MUA Luxe Locked lip primer here.

Mrs J xx

*pr sample

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