How do you Benefit those brows?

Never have I paid as much attention to my brows as I have right now! It seems that every beauty brand out there has decided that this year is the year of the brows! Whether you have thin brows, light brows, bushy brows or no brows at all – there is something out there to definitely fix them! And the one brand that has taken a new product launch to another level is Benefit where brows are their main focus. This new launch consists of not just revamped products with new packaging but some brand new ones to add to the mix, creating an astounding twelve-piece range. Below is half of the collection that I’ve managed to get my brows on!

Benefit Brow Collection

The Benefit Brow Collection

Gimme Brow Benefit

Gimme Brow £18.50* – Fancy fuller brows, or a bit more definition? Then Gimme Brow is the one! I have been using Gimme Brow for about two years now and it was only a few weeks ago at a Benefit event that one of the Benebabes taught me to brush against the grain of my brow hair first before brushing in the other direction for the tint to take effect and my, what a difference that made! My brows are quite dark but I have quite thin sparse ends, so this new technique has helped me fill out my brows. I’m still too far from getting that Cara brow but I’m getting there. Gimme Brow comes in 3 shades (I use 05 deep).

Ka Brow

Ka Brow £18.50* – If you are more of a cream gel person, then this is for you. The formula glides on and provides the perfect buildable formula. Wondering where the brush is? It’s in the cap! Now I have used gel brows in the past and just stopped for a while as I would find that the gel would dry out, but this formula feels different. Opting for shade 6 (the darkest one), I have to be light handed with my approach. So far, after a few weeks of dabbling in and out of the pot, the formula is still creamy and has not dried up. I would say this option is for the steady-handed folks who are confident with their makeup application.


Browvo £21.50* – Ever thought about conditioning your brows? Well, we condition our hair so why not!? When you speak to Indian threading artists and you say you want thicker or fuller brows, they will probably tell you to put oil on them and this is what people have been doing, historically, for generations. This, however, never seems to have transpired down to the high street, only in the form of a brow gel that has a sole purpose and that is to tame. So here we have it – Browvo, a conditioning primer that can be used in two ways: One, to work its magic and condition your brows while you sleep; and two, to act just like a face primer and be worn under brow makeup to enhance the colour and extend wear.

Goof Proof

Goof Proof Brow Pencil £18.50* – This is for those of you who have uneven or patchy brows. The wide pencil tip instantly fills the gaps while the pointed end defines. There is also a spoolie brush attached to blend the colour in. I find that products like this are great when the brows are in dire need of some maintenance. Filling them in or defining them buys you some more time in-between hair removal. I’m currently using no.6 but think I could go a shade lighter.

High Brow

High Brow Glow £17.50 and High Brow £17.50 are pencils that highlight the arches of brow to instantly open the eye area and give you that more youthful look. I’ve used this more for an evening look to really create a dramatic eye. One to definitely add to the shopping list.

Ready Set Brow £18.50 – This invisible shaping and setting brow is perfect for people with perfect brows already and just want to hold them in place. It is also great for the makeup lovers that have maybe used some of the other products in the range but also want to fix some few strays in place. I haven’t got as much use out of this as I maybe should have and I think if applying a primer and then some brow products, a stage three might be a step too far! But for those au naturel days, I’ll be reaching for my Ready, Set, Brow!

and the bits I’ve missed:

Precisely My brow Pencil £18.50 – An ultra fine pencil to fill in the gaps with what looks like natural hair strokes. I think this product works well for people with very light long hair who don’t want a dark, defined look but just want some subtle definition added.

Brow Zings £24.50 – This is the priciest item in the range and is the perfect companion to travel with or take on holiday. It contains perfectly paired wax powder, a dual ended brush and some mini slant tweezers. It also comes in 6 shades, certainly the perfect taming and shaping kit.

3D Brow Tones £18.50 – This was the only product in the range that I’m yet to try and to be convinced about. It is said to enhance lighter brows and soften the look of darker brows with subtle highlights. Hmm…the jury is still out! Have you tried 3D Brow Tones?

The brow tools: grooming tweezers and brush, £15.50; angled brow brush and spoolie, £15.50; and the all-purpose sharpener, £4.00.

Now the only question is how do you tame those brows?

Mrs J xx

*some of the above items were PR samples.

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