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I don’t always post about beauty offers, but exceptions have to made when they are on my favorite tried and tested electrical cleansing tool – The Clarisonic!


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If you don’t know what a Clarisonic is then let me break it down for you in layman’s terms.  A Clarisonic is a giant electric toothbrush for the face.  With more than 300 movements per second through a patented sonic frequency, your face will never feel as clean as it will after using a Clarisonic.

The Clarisonic comes in two speeds and is cleverly set up to beep at you in short time frames within the minute as a prompt to move the brush to another section of your face.  The Clarisonic comes with many benefits but some of the key ones for me are that it cleanses more dirt (I.E. makeup) of my face than manual cleansing does.  Trust me wash your face and then do the toner test.  By cleansing your face with toner after using facial wash you will find remaining traces of makeup.  After using the Clarisonic and toning lotion you will notice exactly what I did -no dirt!  The Clarisonic also comes with a handy case, is light and waterproof, so can be used in the shower. I recieved my Clarisonic as a Christmas present last year, and whilst I haven’t been using it every day (mainly because I forget to place it on charge) it has noticeably improved my skin tone leaving it looking cleaner and healthier.  The Clarisonic range is not cheap but definitely worth the value.  The brush heads can be used for up to three months, and will definitely make that face wash go a lot further.

If I’ve convinced you and you feel like joining the Clarisonic club then why not take advantage of the beauty confidential offer from House of Fraser: £10 off one of their favourites when you buy one of your beauty favourites! For more information click here. Offer ends Tuesday the 23rd of September!

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Happy Shopping!

Mrs J xx


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